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Chris Fee
United States
New York
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No fair! They're using brains against us! We removed our brains to make room for guns and explosives!
answers to:

 '0' mb- mbWhen did you join BoardGameGeek?
2006-06-26 (I think I was looking for [thing=1634]Warhammer Quest[/thing] stuff)

mbmb- mbWhen did you start recording your game plays?
Don't do have no real interest in doing so.

mbmb- mbWhere do you live?
Corning, NY USA

mbmb- mbWhere is the furthest place you have lived from your current home?
Eatontown, NJ USA (not very far)

mbmb- mbDo you have any pets?
Tails and Caramel (called Mel), our two cats. And now cat #3, Jasmine.

mbmb- mbIs anyone from your game group also on BoardGameGeek?
Just little ol' me. I keep trying but there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest.One from my main group is infrequently on:
Mr. Scudder

Painted Post
New York
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and one from my twice yearly gaming buddies from the Brazen Warriors:
Robert Lavarnway
United States
New York
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mbmb- mbWhat are your hobbies ourside of BoardGameGeek?

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite reading material?

mbmb- mbWhere do you play your games?
Usually at my house or my friend's house. Used to play at our FLGS when we had one.

mbmb- mbWhat is your current favorite board game?
Hmm, [thing=40692]Small World[/thing] is fairly new to me and I like it a lot. [thing=20806]Three Dragon Ante[/thing] is always a favorite. [thing=463]Magic[/thing] is always good and fairly easy to find opponents. [thing=30804]Song of Blades and Heroes[/thing] when I want to get my miniature gaming on.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite game type?
Not a big abstract or hex-and-chit wargamer (but I have a few and have even [thing=103799]designed one)[/thing]. Otherwise, I'll try most anything but am truly an Ameritrasher at heart.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite party game/activity?
Playing RPGs.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite abstract game?
Probably [thing=2453]Blokus[/thing] or [thing=25669]Qwirkle[/thing].

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite wargame?
Well, for miniature games, [thing=30804]Song of Blades and Heroes[/thing].

mbmb- mbWhat is your card based game?
[thing=20806]Three Dragon Ante[/thing] or [thing=463]Magic[/thing].

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite print and play?
1st edition of [thing=57139]Pandemic Express[/thing].

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite game theme?

mbmb- mbWhat is your most prized board game?
Not sure. For dollar value, toss up between my Magic collection and Warhammer/40K minis. For value by me, depends on what I am in the mood for.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite RPG?
For game play, [rpg=243]D&D 3.5[/rpg]. For theme, [family=505]Deadlands[/family].

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite Videogame?
Nothing really. I prefer to face my opponent, not a screen.

And, for those things not in the profile I consider more important than much that was asked, I am very happily married (17 years and counting) with two boys. My wife and I met when she was the assistant manager at our local comic/game shop and we were both invited to join the manager's D&D group.

I have two wonderful boys. My oldest doesn't usually play games but he has difficulty with rules and getting involved in such a social activity. My youngest is a regular gaming partner. He does want to play some traditional kids games (Sorry, etc) but he also likes [thing=2653]Survive[/thing], [thing=11229]Star Wars Miniatures[/thing], [thing=11170]Heroscape[/thing], and lots of other "daddy" games.


Thanks to the nomination by
United Kingdom
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I was RPG Geek of the Week #149. The thread of my week in the glow of the golden icosahedron can be seen here: [thread=882573][/thread].

I passed the torch of RPG GotW to:
Bifford the Youngest (Sam)
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Bifford the Youngest @ www.byfordphotos.co.uk


I've crafted 2 3 some microbadges:
mb For my oldest son.

mb For the fun game, [thing=103937][/thing] (and the reward that was offered arrrh )

mb for [geeklist=149816][/geeklist]


 Supporter Badge Rummage-o-rama thumb-giving-ziggurat!!


For the glory of ponygeddon, I showed my sparkly colors with this avatar, badge, and microbadge combo.

My overtext said: "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!"

This was done for Admins during BGG.CON / N/A.

More can be seen at The MLPH&S Phenomenon: Your Official Guide to Everything My Little Pony Hide & Seek
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Registration Date: 2006-06-26
Last Profile Update: 2014-01-29
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Country: flag United States
State: New York
Town/City: Corning
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