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Hi, my name is Kathrin. I live in Vienna, Austria and I love board games (duh!). I tend to prefer light to medium-weight euros, but I also enjoy dexterity games - not that I'm any good at them - and party games, unless they involve pantomime. Some of my favourite games are dice placement games like Kingsburg, Alien Frontiers and Waggle Dance, but I'll find something that I like in most game genres, unless they are either really long and heavy or really long, random and light (I'm looking at you, Munchkin).

I enjoy experiencing games together with friends, but recently I've also started to discover the joys of playing solo.

I rarely play video games - if I do, the ones I like best are usually point-and-click adventures or word games. I'm also not an RPG Geek, though I had fun in a few one-shot adventures. It's not that I don't enjoy those, just so much to do, so little time. I occasionally like to get some sleep too!

Other things I enjoy

I'm a big Star Trek fan (my favourite show is DS9), and a Star Trek theme can convince me to venture into gaming genres that I otherwise have little/no interest in, such as CCGs or miniature games. This is how I ended up playing Star Trek Customizable Card Game (Second Edition) and Star Trek: Attack Wing, though I have to admit that I collect them more than I play. Which brings us to another bit of random information about me: I have too many (unplayed) games! I often buy them at flea markets and thrift stores and find it difficult to resist a great deal - a fact that neither my shelves nor my partner are very happy about. ;-)

Another of my hobbies, for which I sadly don't have as much time as I used to have, is photography, and in particular closeup/macro photography of insects. I'm utterly fascinated by the bizarre beauty of these little critters. (In case you're interested, some of my photos can be found on deviantart.com, though I haven't been active there for several years.) I have a degree in Biology and English & American Studies, for teaching students at secondary school, but then went for a job in university administration instead. Suits my personality better - offline, I'm rather shy and quiet. I'm an estimated 80% less chatty and cheerful if you meet me elsewhere. ;-)
It takes me a long time to open up and being around people I don't know well makes me nervous.

I love to read, occasionally crochet, bake muffins. I'm also interested in languages, biology, science fiction, and history. My favourite colours are blue and green, but I mostly play with yellow (too many other people fighting for those colours, yellow is usually available).

BGG and I

On BGG I spend most of my time in the Women and Gaming Forum and Feel the Love main thread. I also like to help out in the New User Questions and BGG Help and How-To forums, and to contribute to the database by submitting games, versions, images and weblinks. Recently, I've also come to enjoy the 1 Player guild with its many useful resources for solo gamers and its supportive community.

Play logging, rating, comments

I have been recording the games I play fairly consistently since I joined BGG in 2011. Earlier plays are mostly from tournament participations (because for those I had data) and a few "dummy plays" to record that I had played a game at all.
I try to rate and comment on games that I have played, if I feel comfortable doing so. Most of my ratings are done in isolation, so I can't guarantee that I don't occasionally rate a game more highly than one I like better. Given how situational my desire to play a particular game is, I don't think it matters much. Take my ratings with a grain of salt, as one should generally do with ratings.
Comments: I use italics for info that will be of use only to myself, e. g. where a game is stored. Bold is for my opinion of the game. Green is to note if a game is "solo" (designed for solo play), "playable solo" (has instructions for solo play in the box, in addition to being multiplayer), or has "solo variants" (mostly found in the forum or file section of BGG).

If you want to learn more about my interests and likes, the microbadges further down are a good place to start.

Recently played games:

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