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The Shipyard - Star Trek Attack Wing spoilers and reviews
I wrote my own blog at I hope you'll stop by, see what it was all about. I stopped because like all good things, life happened, but I'm still immensely proud of the work I put into the blog, and I'm glad it's there to share with the world.

I found a love board games in 2006. It started with Catan, Carcasonne, and the Eon edition of Cosmic Encounter and progressed from there.

I've playtested several games, but more importantly, expansions, including Wits and Wagers Party, Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Storm, One Night Revolution, and the expansions to Resistance.

I'm an event organizer for the Central Valley Game Lovers, which I found on We meet every Wednesday at the Battleground Games in Modesto California and play for a couple of hours. There's a good group going, and we'll play just about anything you can fit in under 2.5 hours. If you're free, stop by anytime.

I'm a Tournament Organizer for Star Trek Attack Wing, as well as a co-host on Warp Core Breach - As well as the host of The Shipyard all about Star Trek Attack Wing.

Letter to 2015 Secret Santa
I got package 1. It's hiding safe and sound under where the tree will go. We've procrastinated so far, but hopefully tonight we will get it and set things up. It always feels more like the holidays once the tree is up. Still, completely awesome to have a gift hiding under the tree for me.

(The Hints - Guesses)
Hint #1 is a reference to Colt Express - Delaurean -> Back to the Future 3 -> old west -> Colt Express.
Hint #2 is in reference to Cosmic Storm.
Hint #3 To the best of my knowledge nobody has created a custom "Simpsons" version of your forthcoming gift. - I've never watched the show, but it might be Ugg Techt? Might be a Ticket to Ride map pack?
Hint #4 your gift will not be taking you to Windhoek. Windhoek is a city in Africa, so I'm guessing TtR Africa is off this list.

Santa - A response to Letter 2
Thank-you for being so accommodating with the change to Christmas Eve. I will make certain that it stays wrapped until then.

Both are probably wise choices to avoid. Colt Express is one I have access to playing at the moment, and Cosmic Storm would probably break my Cosmic Encounter Box in terms of content.

If you'd like to coordinate anything, or get hints from my girlfriend, her username is QueenAwesome. Even though she hasn't logged in for a bit, I can ask her to log in to talk with you.

And thank-you so much for the hints. It's great fun to play a guessing game.

Santa - A response to Letter 1

Thank-you for the letter, I love the mystery and the clues. One request, my family has opened all of our gifts on Christmas Eve super late, like after 10 PM. It's an homage to my mom's Nordic (Finland, Sweden) heritage. As such, we don't really have a Christmas morning, so would it be alright to include your gift in that time?

Dear Santa,

Thank-you so much for participating this year. You are absolutely awesome! FYI, I love hints or teasers or riddles or anything else you want to toss in to keep me guessing.

As you can see below, I've done Secret Santa for a few years, and I love being a part of this wonderful community. While I do remember certain games from certain Santas, the best memories are the ones who did something personal.

So on that note, feel free to go off list. If there's a game you think I'd love based on my plays and what else I rate highly, then go for it. I do keep an accurate play log, so you can see what I'm playing. I basically have 1 main play group these days, but we vary in tastes, so I can typically find people to play almost any game. I love co-ops, though I have almost a dozen, I like theme more than mechanics, though I enjoy Power Grid. It all just depends on the game.

Secret Santa thanks
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2010 DT - here
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