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I´ve been playing games quite ferociously as long I can remember.

When grading my games I notice that the average is quite high and I have been thinking about that.

First of all, I have broad taste in games.
I can see some beatuiful aspect or perfect occasion for nearly every game. Sure, I don't like to play Shadows over Camelot with my hardcore gaming buddies but I love to play it with my daughters.
I don't play Jambo with my wargame pal, but me and my wife really enjoy it. I don't play Napoleon´s triumph with my wife, but I´m in heaven playing it with my wargame pal.

Even so, they still need to be graded (I think?) and I find myself to think of the most I ever enjoyed a game when grading it. Naturally, the grades get rather high

I also try to buy great games, rather than mediocre.
Since there is a lot of information about the games out there , the result is pretty good. BGG top 100 is a great source of user reviews for me.
Sure I´ve picked up a few at sales, even mistaken one game for another but most of the time I wait a while and then make the buy.

Recently I have been thinking about adding another variable to the grade: Have I ever felt really bored or something similar playing ths game?
If so, take it don a knotch.

Hopefully this will make me more satisfied with my gradings.

Rating Scale
10 - Brilliant or outstanding. Have enlightened my life, dedicated to the game at the moment.
9.0 - Excellent game. Always want to play.
8.0 - Very good game. I like to play. Usually on the request list
7.0 - Good game, usually willing to play. Might request it
6.0 - Ok game, some fun or challenge. Will play if in the right mood.
5.0 - Average game, I'm indifferent, take it or leave it.
4.0 - Below average game, I avoid this game, but could be talked into it.
3.0 - Poor game, I likely won't play this again.
2.0 - Very poor game, won't play this ever again.
1.0 - Defies description of a game. Clearly broken.

My Top 10 are played games that I mostly want to play.
Hot 10 are games on my radar that I want to explore.

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