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Martín Borda
San Nicolás de los Arroyos
Buenos Aires
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Hi Santa!

Thank you very much for these 3 gifts!!!
It was an awesome Secret Santa this year, thanks to you.

¡Feliz Navidad!


Dear Santa,

I love board games, and I love them all, I like variety, and so does my gaming group.

My gaming group ranges from just my wife and me to 6/7 players.

And, as I love variety, I also love expansions, so bring 'em all (just check that I own the base game or bring them together if you feel generous...)

So, I'll like anything you want to bring me!

I also prefer to sleeve game cards, so you can also keep that in mind.

Just keep in mind one thing...

As you already know from your delivery list, I'm from Argentina and here we speak Spanish. I speak English too, but most of my friends don't

So, please only deliver the following kind of games, if you have another for me, just give them to any orphan's house in an English speaking country:

- Spanish versions!!! (PREFERRED)
(no problem if the manuals are in English)

- language independent games (e.g. Dixit, Carcassonne)

- cooperative games with not too much English text, so I can translate to my friends (e.g. Flash Point Fire Rescue, but not Arkham Horror)

- games that English text (not too much) is publicly available, so I can translate without affecting the game (e.g. Dominant Species)

You can check my wishlist and its comments for each game.

The first 3 categories you can buy them from Argentina (check list of stores in the link at the end), but the latter should come from Spain, as here in Argentina they sell mostly imported English versions - you can talk to my friend

Keep also in mind that if you combine many games, it is cheaper buying from Spain than from Argentina! (as most games here are imported and include shipping from abroad in their costs), being the exception, they also receive Paypal payments.

I also collect postcards, so if you want to send me one from your country or city, be my guest, I'd be grateful!


------------------------------ VERY IMPORTANT INFO FOR 2014

As here in Argentina the government has established a limit of 2 deliveries per year per person (and I am worried about not being able to retrieve the package from Customs), this year I'd ask you to ask for my gifts to:

- PlanetonGames
From which I have a pending package to be sent, and they can send them all together, if it isn't out yet (15th November).

- 2de6
Which is an Argentinian store, but they have many games from abroad i.e. USA and you can ask them for any game from USA which can be bought direct from the publisher, and they receive Paypal payments.
(please only language-independent games)


PS: Don't worry about any Customs taxes they could charge, I'll take care of them.

PS2: For important info about Argentina, you can check Secret Santa Shipping and Duties/ Buying INFO entry:

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