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Herb Petro
United States
North Carolina
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I am a eurogamer. And a wargamer. And an amerigamer. And an abstract gamer. And a roleplaying gamer. And a card player. And...

I am a gamer. All types of games. I have been gaming for over thirty-five years, since an early age, and am not tired of new games yet, even though I have my perennial favorites as well. I am happy to have cultivated some interest in gaming in my family. Please keep my family in your thoughts amd prayers: wife Jennifer, Children Jackson, Nathan,Daniel(who has TypeI diabetes, and Caitlin).

My real name is Herb Petro.

My family and I struggled with my brain tumor (GBM IV) from June 2011 until my passing.

You can see my Traveller related profile on Citizens of the Imperium at:

THese are the projects that I have backed on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1283212804

- My entire boardgame (& cardgames, etc) collection has been entered.
RPGs - I have a large collection of Classic TRAVELLER, MERP (1st & 2nd editions), ROLEMASTER (2nd & RMSS editions), and SPACEMASTER (1st, 2nd, & 3rd editions) items, along with a smattering of others. On 2013-03-10 I had only 5% of my RPG collection entered into RPGGeek. Inspired by the print release of Traveller 5th Edition, I started entering my RPG collection. As of 2013-06-01 approximately 85% of my RPG collection has been entered.
My family and I[/b]

Some great gaming podcasts...
The Dice Tower at http://www.thedicetower.com/ is your online home for fun and informative discussion of boardgames, wargames, and card games. Featuring the latest industry news, in-depth product reviews, interviews, and top ten lists! Features uber-podcaster Tom Vasal, the voice talents of Eric Summerer, and an array of contributors.

Board Games To Go is a podcast about family strategy boardgames and can be found on the web at http://www.boardgamestogo.com/ - new shows appear about once a month, but there is also a healthy backlog available for your listening pleasure. The podcast generally focuses on lighter games.

Into the Gamescape features great discussion and waffling by Mike, Si, and Paul. Seemingly on permanent hiatus. Check out all of the past episodes at http://thegamescape.co.uk/

Some great non-gaming podcasts...
Dunesteef the audio fiction magazine. Each issue features a superbly narrated speculative fiction story and the engaging banter of hosts Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich following the story. Available at http://dunesteef.com/

Every Photo Tells is an interesting original fiction podcast. Each story is based on a photo prompt provided at the website. Available at http://everyphototells.com/

The Journey Into... podcast features replays of old time radio shows. It also features full cast readings of new and classic stories, as well as new flash fiction. Find it at http://journeyintopodcast.blogspot.com/

I have checked the "Notify me of new content" box in the "Collection" boxes of several games with which I am very familiar. This is not because I need to read new articles about these games, but because I know and love them well enough that I'm willing to answer questions about them. If you have a game or two or twenty-seven which you feel that strongly about, I recommend you also do this - a newcomer asking a question on a game's forum is much more likely to get an answer quickly if those more experienced monitor the games for queries. The more of us that do this, the stronger BGG and the gaming community in general become. Regards to Steffan O'Sullivan (sos1) for bringing this idea from J Boyes (Jpwoo) to my attention (see http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/12691). Also thanks to sos1 for much of the text in this paragraph.

My microbadge designs...
Traveller fan
Age of Renaissance fan
Age of Renaissance fan
Dice fan 1
Dice fan 2
Dice fan 3
Dice fan 4
Silent Death fan

My wife beats me! (at games)

Dice tower madness!

Guard Dog: No one touch that game!

IMTU tc++ tm+ tn-- t4- t5+ mgt+ tg+ t20+ to ru+ ge+ 3i+ c+ jt au+ ls pi+ ta+ he+ kk- hi+ as va dr+ ith vi++ ne+ so+ zh vi da+ sy- Herb 0608 C558A87-B S A724 (see http://eaglestone.pocketempires.com/imtu.html)

Games are amazing... They are great tools for learning, socializing, and making lifelong friends. They are an enjoyable way to spend time with other people. However, no matter how great games are, family is more important. Spouse, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, close aunts or uncles or cousins, and friends who are like family. Of even higher importance is our relationship with the God who created all things. A relationship that is more simple to start or improve than you might realize.

Listen via streaming audio or to view the accompanying handout:
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Registration Date: 2003-12-14
Last Profile Update: 2014-10-17
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Country: flag United States
State: North Carolina
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Top 10
#1: History of the World
#2: A House Divided
#3: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#4: Colossal Arena
#5: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
#6: Caylus
#7: Crokinole
#8: Antike
#9: Steam
#10: Shogun
Hot 10
#1: Innovation
#2: Time 'n' Space
#3: Crokinole
#4: Eclipse
#5: Tobago
#6: Carcassonne: The City
#7: Ticket to Ride
#8: Alien Frontiers
#9: A Brief History of the World
#10: Caylus
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