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Mercedes (Mandy)
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Tokyo Game Market here I come!
Sorry if I'm slow in reading mails. I'm currently working hard on some Alley Thieves
Hi all,
I'm the Japanese board game girl. I help people find Japanese board games. So sorry that this year (2015) I've fallen behind on geekmails, and haven't been on BGG much. My job changed a little (I went part time), and I've been ill/had injuries a lot this year but I'm trying my best to stay involved in gaming one way or another. My games collection/games played/geekmails aren't up to date, but I hope that next year, I can bring back the old me, and get everything back into order, and I'd like to participate more in the G4GG again. Apologies in advanced.

But you can follow me on one of the links below.
EN Miss Merc 007's Games meepleNE
To find out about Japanese board games. Japon Brand Essen Games. To get some yummy snacks/games from Japan.

ESE MissMerc007's Youtube Page meepleE
To listen to my Aussie accent talk about games and Japan, and fun adventures in Tokyo.

ENE Japan Thru My Eyes meepleE
To read more about the Board Game Conventions, and about board game publishing in Japan (My BGG Blog)

SENE Push Your Luck Podcast page meepleE
To read my guest articles on what Games Make Me Buy Them

I'm just the average girl next door (or not).
Aussie chick, Rock climbing chick, gaming chick :ninja:, D&D chick, comic chick, fencing chick, computer chick, signing chick (I wear the BSL microbadget because it's the closest thing to Auslan as I can get. I would love to wear an Auslan Microbadge)

My favourite song at the moment:

-------KICKSTARTER GIRL-------->
Hi, my name is Mandy. I'm a kickstarter addict. I think in my gaming group, you can call me the Kickstarter Girl I'm always introducing kickstarter games to my friends. I really enjoy supporting small/independent companies/designers with unique ideas to try help make their games/dreams come to fruition.
Helping designers & independent companies = meeple

--------GEEK GIRL----------->
I grew up and found that I fell in love with playing Risk, D&D, building models, computers, collecting comics, playing MUDs and dabbled a bit in Warhammer 40k. All the normal stuff a girl does.

------BOARD GAMER ENABLER-------->
After moving to Japan, I joined up with 2 D&D groups. Then about 7 years later my friend Dan introduced me to a game of Bang in April 2011. Then it started my board gaming addiction. I bought over 50 games in one month once. Yes, I am now a BG addict.
It's now out of control. I buy multiple copies of games, and have started spreading the addiction by giving away games, to entice more people into the hobby. Yes, some call me the BG enabler.
In 2011 I started hosting game days, and we ended up playing once every weekend. I didn't expect it to be that popular. Now I organize a couple of public game days with different groups. I've made it my mission to help promote board gaming in Japan and to try get more people into the hobby. I've made a lot of amazingly, talented and fun friends, and gaming has made Japan feel like home to me.

-------WHAT I LIKE-------------??
I like to laugh. I like to make my friends laugh. I like to make my friends happy that's why I love introducing my friends to board gaming. I love sharing my games, and I buy games with my friend's interests in mind. If you come to a game day, you'll usually find me teaching a game. I LOVE gifting games. This hobby has been bringing us closer together and we get to meet more often. It can get lonely working abroad, and this is one way everyone can laugh, have fun, make friends, and enjoy their stay in Japan.

-------THE TYPE OF GAMER-----------??
I am the type of player who will play nearly any type of game and pretty much love it. I don't play to win. I've come to realize I'm not so good at attack-y games, but if people want to play them I'm in. I play mainly to have fun and enjoy everyone's company. But as a warning I have severe OCD robot heheh.

So without further ado, let's laugh, have fun and play games.

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Town/City: Setagaya-ku
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Top 10
#1: Cosmic Encounter
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#3: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
#4: Bohnanza
#5: Infiltration
#6: Jamaica
#7: In a Grove
#8: Witch's Brew
#9: Ticket to Ride
#10: Rummikub
Hot 10
#1: Welcome to the Dungeon
#2: Rattus
#3: Cartagena
#4: Sentinels of the Multiverse
#5: Last Will
#6: Edo Yashiki
#7: One Night Werewolf
#8: Kobayakawa
#9: RRR
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