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Jeroen Harkes
Zuid Holland
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I've been playing boardgames since around 1999. My personal preference goes to heavier games, but play lighter fare a lot more. I really enjoy (almost) any game I play.

Since my collection reached about 100 games I have become more picky in choosing what to buy. I’m not looking for ’another workerplacement’ game, there has to be something special to it.

I am also looking for something more epic, memorable. But am uncertain what to pick. It may be a more thematic game, like Twilight Imperium (probably too long, but Eclipse may be an option), or maybe some wargame (I really like the look of block games).

I’m a real sucker for great looking games. The first game I bought was Java, mostly because how great is looks, and luckily I really liked the game as well. A lot of abstract games have a certain beauty (in bits as well as in the rules). I traded away or did not buy some games because I could not stand the artwork (I’m looking at you Caesar an Cleopatra!).

I am maried, and have a twin boy and girl (4 years of age). I usually play games with my wife. Or a couple of friends. I don't have a regular game night any more, but I expect to start one again soon.

For Secret Santa:
I do value your personal opinion. If there is a game you think I really should try that is not on my wishlist that would be great. So if you want to create another wargames, 18xx player, deckbuilder (somewhat unlikely, since I am not a great cardshuffler), miniatures gamer, CCG/LCG collecter, monkey auto racer, or whatever, enlighten me!

I will try to comment every game I wish and own.

Do not forget the webshops of the dutch neighbours, germany, belgium, UK and perhaps france.
For exmaple Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Milanspiele.de, Spelshop.be have very reasonable shipping, and prices compared to some dutch webshops.
(Although german and french versions can be a bit of a problem)

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