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OverText is totally worth 100 units of imaginary, worthless currency
What the Hell else am I supposed to do with GeekGold?
I currently have a semi-urgent need to downsize my collection and am especially eager to hear offers that would accomplish this. To that end, I have added to my "for trade" list a number of games that I'm not anxious to trade but which I will consider trading. It's not a fire sale--definitely not--but I am willing to listen to all semi-reasonable offers. However, be aware that the thing that makes this semi-urgent also means that I am dreadfully busy and slightly insane, so you'll need to be patient.

I'm sorry you're here, though not because of any personal animosity toward you. It's just that you probably had high hopes for today, being as it is the only today you'll ever have until tomorrow, and possibly you were expecting something better.

But I say cheer up! Unless it is 11:59 p.m., there's still time to pull it together. Maybe your dog needs a bath or there is a stubborn nostril hair crying out to be cut. If those sorts of things sound way too ambitious, then maybe you're in the right place after all.

Very well, you have decided to give up on your life and join me in the shallow virtual grave I dug for myself and my board game collection. Great! Let's talk; I'll start.

My parents were a little bit country and a little bit Captain and Tennille, which frankly didn't sit well with me. So I rebelled, joined the Boy Scouts, took up wargaming, discovered ways of being even weirder than my friends despite the fact that they were using drugs that I scoffed at. I thought this last bit was especially clever but was never able to find a way to make it pay off financially.

In college, I discovered dating and heartbreak at exactly the same time, a fact that I no longer consider to be a coincidence. Then came boredom and billiards and the sudden realization that I did not want to be a journalist after all.

To no one's surprise, I became a journalist anyway and loved many of the moments, just not a lot of them and generally not consecutive ones, especially not the ones that involved calling grieving relatives, getting up early, driving to nowheresville in the middle of the night, the 41st-60th hours of my 40-hour work week or getting fired once for reasons that were unclear but most likely had something to do with my boss being a complete asshole.

Life kept getting weirder and duller, which sounds impossible. But since I am now a close personal friend, you know you can trust me to tell the complete truth.

Eventually there was dating again, followed by marriage, at some point came a second stint in college, there was a baby and stay-at-home daddyness (though much of that is a blur and may have been dreamed). The heartbreak took about 20 years this time, but nevertheless it did come.

Which brings us, roughly, to the despoiled and decaffeinated now, a time which is surely worse than all other times except perhaps the ones yet to come. That's the great thing about the future: All the variables for various chunks of time are null and can be assigned any value, which necessarily means that many of them will be -20 or XZ or something equally ominous. Something to look forward to, yes?

There was a lot of blah blah in here about trading. I took it out and replaced it with the following: I trade, I prefer to downsize, message me first, be patient because I'm busy.

Blame it on Judd

It, meaning whatever it you care to name, is all this guy's fault:

Judd Vance
United States
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Every Man a (K-State) Wildcat!
"Just get that sucka to the designated place at the designated time and I will gladly designate his ass...for dismemberment!" - Sho Nuff.

Because I say so. Go, ask him about Michael Jordan.

From here to the end is completely true, I swear:

Send me a GeekMail with the subject "Gimme Some GeekGold, Maggot!" In the text, either write an original, dirty limerick OR one extremely graphic description of why Eurogames are so boring. Intrepid GeekMailers who follow these instructions to the letter will receive a minimum of one shiny GeekGold in return, or more if you especially amuse me. This is an actual offer (of admittedly dubious value), so if you need GeekGold or are new to the site or just hate me and would like permission to call me a maggot, this is an easy way to get some imaginary coin to do...whatever the Hell it is people do with the stuff.
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Top 10
#1: War of the Ring (second edition)
#2: Melee
#3: Wizard
#4: Arkham Horror
#5: Squad Leader
#6: Nexus Ops
#7: Rommel in the Desert
#8: The Creature That Ate Sheboygan
#9: Ambush!
#10: Panzer Command
Hot 10
#1: War of the Ring (first edition)
#2: Dawn of the Zeds (first edition)
#3: Arkham Horror
#4: Duel of Ages II
#5: Middle-Earth Quest
#6: Rommel in the Desert
#7: Monsterpocalypse
#8: Pocket Battles: Celts vs. Romans
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