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I discovered BGG on a Google search for rule clarification on a free copy of Empire Builder.

What serendipity! Who knew that one search..on that one game picked up from the curb after the garage sale had closed...would lead to such a rich set of experiences!

I love boardgames for the way they are able to bring people together in friendship, competition and fun!

My Most Recently Played Games

My Top 10 List is for the 10 games I want to get to the table in the next few months. Games I haven't played enough recently, but want to.

Progress on Top 10 hitting the table

Three Musketeers - I finally got this one and have played a couple of games solo to get the rules down. Next is to teach it to Karen.
Puerto Rico - Karen finally relented and agreed to play the game she used to sneer at. To my delight, she liked it! I think the opportunity to screw the other player over by filling up the ships first was the golden ticket in this case.

Games tried during the April Game-a-Thon, in which I am trying to get some fresh games off the shelves and onto the table.

Survive! - This didn't go over so well as a two player. We were a little underwhelmed with it.
Jaipur - What an instant hit! This has everything we were looking for - quick play, intuitive rules that get out of the way, ability to play while having conversation - excellent!!
Cribbage - I don't know why it didn't occur to me to get this classic to the table sooner. I guess the cult of the new sometimes clouds my vision. Loving this right now.
Monopoly Deal - We gave this a whirl, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how enjoyable it is.
Cartagena - First play, I was taking it easy on K because I felt like I understood some of the strategy. She won by 3 Meeples - big surpriseshake
Haggis - Since we're enjoying cribbage so much, this was an easy transition. The strategy is definitely going to take time to wrap my head around.

My Hot 10 List is for the 10 games that I currently think are the easiest to get to the table on a work night. Quick, light, but interesting.

Perfectly Portable Pub Games
Pentago CE
Pass the Pigs
Dancing Dice
Sushizock im Gockelwok
Tier auf Tier
Blokus (travel)

Weeknight Games - Growing list of games we are most likely to play on a weeknight - this is in addition to, or in partial duplication of my Hot 10 List to the right.

Pass the Pigs - this is our "go to" game when out to eat.
Scrabble - Even though it requires some thought, Karen seems to like it.

Getting Tough - Games I have let go and those I may get rid of. If I don't feel drawn to play them soon, they may have to find another home. They aren't bad games, just not sure they're for me.

Games on the Chopping Block

Dungeon Twister and Expansions - the complexity has put me off this.
Let's Kill - never made it out of the box
Pizza Box Football - unplayed and not likely to see the light of day.

Games that I've gotten rid of:
*Battleline - has found a new home with our former gaming crew!
*Cosmic Cows - Gone
*Tsuro - Gone
*Sorry! Sliders - it just wasn't the shuffleboard replacement I've been seeking.
*Elf Fest - Gone
*Smokejumpers - Gone
*Wordspot - Gone
*Bananagrams - passed onto a good friend who loves it. (Feb '11)
*Six - Traded away April 2011 for Attribute.
*Zombie Dice - traded for Onirim April '11

You take chances, and find some are gems and some are duds. My gem (for example: Pass the Pigs) is another person's dud. Go figure!?!

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Top 10
#1: Haggis
#2: The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac
#3: Goa
#4: Acquire
#5: Louis XIV
#6: Claustrophobia
#7: Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
#8: Onirim
#9: Attribute
#10: Cartagena
Hot 10
#1: Pass the Pigs
#2: Jaipur
#3: Crokinole
#4: Pecking Order
#5: Cribbage
#6: Scrabble
#7: Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
#8: Blokus
#9: Hive
#10: Qwirkle
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