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"The day you stop believing in magic is the day it stops happening to you"



Welcome to my humble profile. Thanks for your visit, and enjoy your stay here!



If you're an RPGer and also love The Gamers franchise, please, check out this Zombie Orpheus initiative ZOE Phase II

I'm relatively new to boardgames, so my collection is pretty small. The first game I ever played was Fury of Dracula (second edition), but what really made me part of the boardgame world was Arkham Horror. My first owned game is Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, which was my birthday present, and the first game I actually bought was Battlestar Galactica.

My Top 10 are games I ever played and adored, my Hot 10 are games I would love to play (not necessarily own them, but one usually includes the other )

I'm currently more into RPGs though, I'm a hardcore fan of Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition).


Finished PBFs:

DMing Westmarch - IC (D&D 4e, now paused after one of the adventures was finished)

Skadi Farbauti, Orc Cleric in The Mystery of the Three Horseshoes (IC) (D&D 4e, stalled)

Peregrin "Grin" Gamgee in The Fellowship of Esgaroth [OOC] (The One Ring)

Bestla Silvertongue (Fighter Dwarf) in Table 1: Into the Shadowhaunt - IC (D&D 4e)

Himinglæva "Gerd" Hightower (Goliath Warden) in The Year of Awakening - IC (D&D 4e, stalled)

And I took over Amiri (Human Barbarian) in [IC] Black Fang's Dungeon (Pathfinder) Who'd have thought it, I was playing a Human!

Victor Naida in Coal Mine Seven [IC] (Trail of Cthulhu)

Co-DMing The Wizard's Tower - IC (Table 1) and The Wizard's Tower - IC (Table 2) (D&D 4e)

DMing No Name Adventure - IC Thread (D&D 4e)

Skadi Waltraute, Orc Cleric in War of the Burning Sky (IC) - Episode 1 (D&D 4e, stalled)

Silvertongue in [IC] My Little Pony - A place of our own [2014 PbF Newbie Initiative] (Fate Accelerated, stalled)

I would like to thank my geekbuddies:

Artem Holubiev
Malopolskie Wojewodztwo
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Timo Haas
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Sarge in charge!
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Ash nazg durbatulûk
Why should I fret in microcosmic bonds / That chafe the spirit, and the mind repress / When through the clouds gleam beckoning beyonds / Whose shining vistas mock man's littleness?
Alf Seegert
United States
Salt Lake City
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Noshrok Grimskull
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Wreckers don't call for backup, they call for cleanup!
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.. fan
Andrew Sinclair
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One Thread for All
The name's Andrew -- pronounced 'Kah-thoo-loo'
Valley of Dragons
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Adam 'Fenn' Fenton
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200 Geekgold and all I got was this lousy Overtext
Oooh - I got this Overtext too!
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"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.
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Artem - for bringing me into gaming and for contributing so much to my collection
Kathrin - for tipping me GG for my first avatar and presenting me with a patron badge
Timo - for donating GG for my first microbadge
Daniel - for bringing all the love around
Alf - for designing and presenting me with all the awesome games
Michael - for ponifying me and being the best Orkie evah
Claus - for making me smile a lot
Andrew - for tolerating my dirty thinking
Pawel - for all the warmth
Adam - for introducing me to the Gamers universe
Jonna - because Finland! And microbadges
Aggie - for all the awesome presents and time together

mb FTL Secret Santa 2011 link
mb BGG Secret Santa 2011 link
mb T.O.S.S.E.R. 2011 link
mb A.B.D.U.C.T.E.E. 2012 link
mb FTL Secret Santa 2012 link
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d10-5 Some random things about myself

mbName: Nad, like 'mad' but with 'n'
mbRace: Hobbit with some very Dwarvish inclinations.
mbOrigin of my username: The tribute to the famous Samwise Gamgee from LOTR.
mbBirthday: Samhain kid - November 1
Occupation: Linguist
mbLanguages: Ukrainian / Russian bilingual (with primary Ukrainian), English, German, a bit of French, Lithuanian and Turkish, can understand Polish, much into ancient languages due to education (Gothic, Old English, Latin)
mbReligion: Christian (Orthodox)
mbHobbies: boardgames, RPG, travelling, books and movies, linguistics, mythologies, archery
mbAuthors and Books: Tolkien, Tove Jansson, Pratchett, Harry Potter series, Simak, "The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer-Bradley, etc
mbMusic: Schandmaul, In Extremo, Tanzwut, Sonata Arctica, Rammstein, Stratovarius, Sabaton, Falconer, Korpiklaani, PelleK, Civil War, Horytnica and the like
mbMovies: Equilibrium, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Brothers Grimm, V for Vendetta, X-Men (all), How to Train Your Dragon, the recent Avengers, Star Trek Into Darkness and the whole load of other - I'm a super avid cinema-goer
mbActors: Christian Bale, Hugo Weaving, Alan Rickman, Jeff Goldblum, Hugh Jackman, Michael Rosenbaum, Eric Allan Kramer, Alan Cumming, Nathan Fillion, Michael Fassbender, Stephen Lang, Tom Hiddleston, Ben Willbond, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Farnaby
mbTV Shows: Doctor Who, JourneyQuest, Yonderland, Horrible Histories, Standard Action, Walking in Circles, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Lie to me, Torchwood, Heroes, Merlin, Smallville, Terra Nova, Castle
mbFood: meat, aubergines, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, sauerkraut, French fries, lard, water melons, garlic
mbAnimals: elephants!!!, cats and other cuties
mbSports: archery, badminton, working out
thumbsupLikes: chatting, friendliness, the Light Side (of anything), peace and battle axes
mbUltimate Obsessions: Tolkien, Doctor Who, Nordic mythology, Moomins, ZOE and DGP productions, elephants, dwarves, dragons, ponies, penguins, dice

mbMember of FTL.Con Guild
(first post in Re: Feel the love! Free thumbs & GG to be had for all. Oct 12, 2011, 2:45 pm)

- My second home, and a lovely micro-community on the 'Geek!
Feel the love! Free thumbs & GG to be had for all.


Update: since the old thread was locked due to BGG server problems, here's the new ones, where we continue our quest:
Feel the Love - Second Age - Thread #1 mb
Feel the Love - Second Age - Thread #2 mb
Feel the Love - Second Age - Thread #3 mb
Feel the Love - Second Age - Thread #4 mb
Feel the Love - Second Age - Thread #5mb
Feel the Love - Thread #6

I was Geek of the Week #333 and Love Spreader of the Week #113 the same week. I also was RPG Geek of the Week #135 and VGG Geek of the Week #140.

BGG posting levels: mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mbmb mb mb
RPGG posting levels: mb mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
VGG posting levels: mb

Awards, honours, assigned MBs and other pleasant things:

Geek contributions: mb mb mb mb mb mb
Posting: mb mb mb mb mb
FTL: mb mb mb mb mb
VGG: mb mb mb mb
RPGG: mb mb mb mb mbmbmb mb mb mb
BGG-wide events: mb mb mb mb mb
Contests: mb
Secret Santa: mb mb mb mb
Card Exchanges: mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
Other Exchanges: mbmb mb mb mb mb


With all the pony fun going around I decided to keep track of the avatars I used for some events here (in reverse order):

a) This is the one I'm using now
b) And that's him dressed up for Christmas (thanks to Dan Sigafoos)

a) b)

8. This was my usual avatar here before I found the hoopy TMNT
7. April 1 avatar (2012)
6. Mountains of Madness avatar The Mountains of Madness - 2P Adventure #32
5. January 3 - Tolkien's birthday
4. Used to take part in N/A and in N/A
3. November 3 - the end of the War of the Ring (no avatar for November 5 as was away from the geek then)
2. Halloween dress up
1. And of course I wore Sarah Jane tribute avatar


More to be added soon


Microbadges I made
mb mb mb mb mb mb

(then I quit trying and started requesting them in Microbadge Request & Design Feedback GeekList v4)

Microbadges I requested
Webcomics: mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
Boardgames: mb mb mb mb
Lit genres: mb
Movies and TV: mbmbmb mb mb mb
Interests: mb mb mb mb
Sports: mb
Ideas: mb mb mb mb

I want a sonic screwdriver !!!

My Top 10 (I actually need more than 10 )

My Hot 10 I really wanna play

My Wishlist

Oh, wow, he he

Outcast Genius
61 % Nerd, 74% Geek, 65% Dork


Cool Extrovert
54% Geeky, 76% Cranial and 30% Introverted!


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Registration Date: 2011-04-05
Last Profile Update: 2016-04-07
Last Login: 2016-04-07
Country: flag Ukraine
Town/City: Chernivtsi
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Top 10
#1: DC Comics Deck-Building Game
#2: Battlestar Galactica
#3: Trollhalla
#4: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
#5: Thurn and Taxis
#6: The Hobbit
#7: Fantastiqa
#8: Archaeology: The Card Game
#9: Yggdrasil
#10: Android
Hot 10
#1: Völuspá
#2: The Twelve Doctors: Doctor Who Card Game
#3: The Road to Canterbury
#4: The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game
#5: Drako
#6: Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men
#7: Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy
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