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Vital Lacerda
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2010 - Vinhos, 2012 - CO2, 2014 - kanban, 2015 - The Gallerist, hopefully: 2016 - Lisboa, 2017 - A Colony in Mars, 201? - Escape plan
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Heavy and medium euro games, they are the ones I love to game. I like games that make me think, plan, and strategize. I don't like random events or games where you lose control. I don't love, but play party games in family gatherings, but I love fillers. Games that take 10/20 minutes are also my thing. I love games like For sale, Hive, love letter, Resistence.

Since I discover euros I became addicted. I try to play at least once a week. Happily for me, my wife is a heavy gamer too. Her favorite games are Die Macher, Puerto, Rico and Power Grid. Brass, Age of Steam, Vinhos, kanban, Caylus, Imperial, Die Macher and Terra Mystica, are my favorites. I'm the guy who read all the rules and teach all the games, of course that's a lousy job because no one gives the real valor for it... but it's ok, everything for a good game, anyway, I like to teach shake

devil I´m a fan of extreme sports too, I love to snowboard and kitesurf. I also run.
Art, Science, Photography and Cinema are a few of my other interests.

My first try was a PNP map of Age of steam, then I Published my first game Vinhos in 2010, second one CO2 in 2012 and in 2014 - KanBan. in 2015 I published The Gallerist with Eagle Games, and I found a publisher to a new game, placed in the year of 1775 set in Lisbon after the big earthquake, called Lisboa. These last game is pointed to be release in 2016. Meanwhile, I'm working on a new Deluxe version of Vinhos, since the contract with WYG is over and I got the rights back to me. Eagle will be the publisher in Jan/Feb of 2016. I'm also returned to an old idea about a game settle in Mars, and I'm very exciting with it, lets see what happens.

My Hot games are my most 'want to play games and the ones I just published or working on' at the moment

Published Designs:

Upcoming Designs:

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#4: The Gallerist
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#6: Dilluvia Project
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#8: A Colony in Mars
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