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The Name? notyetsuperman is a fun twist on the over used handle which is directly related to the man referenced by the name. Its a way of embracing my humanity as well as a reminder that I am always becoming something, just notyet.

Why Gaming? The social element, competition and discovering the strategies needed to win. Its often not the winning itself, its how you got there.

My Style: Mid-to-heavy with some degree of player interaction. My favorite genre of all is action/adventure ie BSG & AH.

A little bit of luck prevents games from being too overly analyzed (ie chess). Prefer to avoid spacial/area control games often seen in the war genre.

My Favorite: Power Grid requires some brain activity, is highly interactive and the plant drops add a slight random effect that I desire. Though its slightly heavier on the spacial control, the jockeying for the market and bidding for plants more than make up for it.

Others: 7 Wonders for its fast play. Ticket to Ride for its simplicity to teach new players. Both are well liked by non-gamers and have some level strategy that still engages veterans and noobs alike.

Summary: I enjoy learning a game and playing just as much as I enjoy winning. Arkham Horror and complex games meet these criteria; either an adventure or a game that takes a long time to master ie PG.

My family grew up playing spades and we learned to play rummy, gin rummy and bridge. Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit were some other rarely played family favorites. It was my first introduction to Axis & Allies in my teens that created the 'fever'. I had a fondness for the game so I bought two expansions and played whenever I could. I was excited when a friend introduced me to he World Chess Federation where I compete and earn a chess ranking. I played for about two years before I realized that I would have had to dedicate a lot more time to study and playing to move up in the ranking system.

Chess was replaced by Settlers of Catan (thank you asobrain!) I played that almost religiously and holidays often included a day long list of wins and losses. The break from a very brain taxing exercise over a chess board was replaced with the immediate fun and statistical challenge of winning using dice.

I was introduced to Arkham Horror by my brother who picked up the game on a whim - seriously had little idea about what is was. We loved it. We played every chance we could and tried our very best to get others to play too - sadly, that game style doesn't appeal to everyone. At one point, my brother kept a journal of wins and losses by investigator and Ancient One. Though its been over five years since my first play, this remains my all time favorite.

During all this time I was into League of Legends heavily (an online battle arena game). I played, I watched streams - I was an amatuer student of the game. However, when I met my (now) fiance, I had to give up the addiction - it literally had taken control of my life. I was able to find more of a balance between gaming and time with my fiance by joining a MeetUp game group here in Atlanta. Its been a fun ride ever since. Power Grid and 7 Wonders are my most played (using BSW) and we have been playing a new game every week at the game group.

Good times ahead and I'm thankful for so many new friendships through this wonderful hobby.
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