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Santa! I opened my box early (sorry). But I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Such a stack of various games is super exciting and interesting. If I could somehow show you the look on my girlfriends face when the third thing came out of the box. She was super freaked out by your generosity, as was I.

For Sale is already a hit with my family. My grandmother even requested that I bring it along for our Christmas trip. Super exciting!

Jaipur is an interesting thing that my girlfriend destroyed me at. I need to work on that one, but I found it super fun. Thanks!

Power grid's new board currently is packed up with all the other boards I have. Soon we will play that.

Manhattan Project looks really fun, it is probably next on our list to play between me and the girlfriend. (Also, I didn't know that it went to 5 players, so my family will play it soon enough.) Cool!

Mage Knight, this is a huge thing and I can't fully grasp the game. I have played it solo on the very first scenario. I thought it was really cool so far and am excited to play it with my girlfriend. I have a good grasp on what I know so far, so I'm excited about continuing to play it.

Overall, thank you very much Santa. I hope to take and post some pictures of me and family and friends enjoying the games you sent. I'm really at a loss for words. Your generosity will be well used on me and my family.

Play more games!

Chris W
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