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Nicolas Varela
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I'm 44 years old, married and parent of four kids: Lucas (12), Isidora (11), Benjamín (7), and Rosario (5). I studied Engineering, and hold a M.Sc. in Management and a Master in Applied Finance. I'm currently CEO at EducaUC, a privately owned network of 10 K-12 charter schools in Chile.

I've played boardgames since I was a kid, and got "serious" (if that can be said ) into eurogames in 2006, when I first played Catan.

I usually play with my wife, and I try to play with another couple of friends every other week. So, I'm into 2 & 4 player games, but every now and then we are 6 at the table... and it's not easy to find 6 player games.

I like what are commonly called "gateway" or light to medium weight games. I don't mind dice (luck) and I'm certainly not into brain-burners or huge Analysis-Paralysis games. I like uncertainty, which busts your super-thought-planning... but I don't like LCR, Pass the Pigs or plain-luck games.

It's not easy for me to play some games, because I'm colorblind (Blue and Purple look quite similar, and Green and Brown are hard to distinguish). My deepest frustration was trying to play Through the Desert... I liked the game, but I just couldn't separate the colors. So, before spray painting those mini-camels with "true" colors, I decided to trade it.

I'm a great Teuber fan, because his games and ideas reflect exactly what I think about boardgames... "When I play a game, I play intuitively. I don't like games where you have to think too much, where luck plays no part and the better player always wins. Chance makes things more exciting. If I know exactly what is going to happen tomorrow, things get boring. It's the same in a game. I prefer it that way." (Klaus Teuber. Interview on Forbes, December 2006).

My native language is Spanish, so I tend to prefer language-independent games, even though my gaming fellows can understand and/or are fluent in English. Anyway, I try to avoid games with large amounts of text on the cards, to be able to play with my kids or non-english-speaking gamers. Obviously games with extensive text in German or other languages are out of the question!

My recently played games:

I joined Secret Santa in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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