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May all beings be happy. Whatever beings there may be, whether they are weak or strong, without exception, long, big, medium, short or small, whether visible or invisible, those living near or far, those born or to-be-born, may all beings be happy!
I have changed tastes in the course of the years and now I have clearer ideas on what I like and what I don’t like about games.

I like heavy games, i.e. games that are hard to play well.

The above does not mean games with complicated rules. On the contrary, I prefer games with rules that are “clean”, so that the elegance of design challenges the players and not the amount of exceptions in the rules. Dominant Species is an example of a game with beautiful rules that I really appreciate. Clean rules don’t always mean simple rules, but somehow I take rules becoming too convoluted as a flaw in the design.

I prefer games with no luck or with very little luck, where the players have full control.

Related to the above, I prefer games with open information or at least with very little hidden information, so that it is possible to consistently follow a strategy. Of course, the strategy must take in consideration what the opponents may do to spoil the plans, and this aspect is instead very welcome.

I highly prefer strategy over tactics: games in which you can plan your long term actions, that have a story. Games that stress the use of the strategic and intuitive mind instead of games in which you win for the clever tactic moves. Of course a game without tactic would be useless, but for a game to be great for me, tactic must be a tool to deploy the strategy and not the final tool to victory.

I prefer games that offer a lot of choices, that allow personal styles of playing, that are not scripted, that are different every time one plays them.

I prefer games in which the players can use a lot of intuition, especially to make up a strategy, and not when everything is only a matter of calculating and analyzing. I like less puzzle-like games. This is strongly related to my preference for strategy vs. tactics, and also here it doesn’t mean that calculation must be absent, calculation and tactic are necessary tools, but there must be an intuitive and creative way to play; when a game offers the chance to be played like creating a piece of art, then it is a great game for me.

I prefer games that offer a spatial element, for example a map. But this is not a must.

Lately I like games with cards less. Cards like in Ora et Labora and Through the Ages are perfectly fine. But cards with text, especially if drawn randomly and that need to be known by heart to become a stronger player, are usually not my preferred ones (an example of this is Twilight Struggle, that surely I like to play, but it is far from being my ideal game). I prefer games that are players-driven to games that are card-driven.

I like original games, especially if they introduce new mechanics or some new ways of playing that were never seen before. However, if a game manages to be good using old mechanics in a new way without being too original, but satisfying all other criteria I am listing here, then this would still be a great game for me.

Replayability is important. Not so much from the point of view of the ROI, but more for what I listed as one of the first point in this list of features for a great game: it must offer something interesting, with a lot of (also intuitive) strategic choices, with a wide view both in time and in space... well how could a game like this not be also replayable?

I am much less fond of abstracts than I used to be, to the point that I am almost not playing abstracts any more (I would save only Go).

I keep ratings and comments updated, so if you want to have a more precise idea of my tastes look at them.

I am a bit more severe than average in giving ratings, but not as severe as not giving tens to games that deserve it.


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Top 10
#1: 1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties
#2: 18xx
#3: Rolling Stock
#4: Maria
#5: Fields of Arle
#6: Imperial 2030
#7: The Great Zimbabwe
#8: Antiquity
#9: Dominant Species
#10: Planet Steam
Hot 10
#1: Antiquity
#2: Panamax
#3: Ginkgopolis
#4: Polis: Fight for the Hegemony
#5: Rolling Stock
#6: Locomotive Werks
#7: 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight
#8: Baltimore & Ohio
#9: Neuland
#10: Wir sind das Volk!
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