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Dear Santa!
I'm back from my gaming weekend and I suppose my wishlist is finally closed.

You ask me how often do I play - Friday is a sacred day for us, we (4-5 plyers) meet almost every week and play quite heavy eurogames. Besides I try to play once or twice a week with another group, again 4-5 players. Seldom I play with my spouse, but we feel, that in boardgaming the more - the merrier In conclusion - I play 2-3 times a week, usually in 4-5p group.

As to my wishlist - I don't really crave for any game besides The Gallerist right now (but it's horrendously expensive). I'd love to get some expansions to my favourite games though. But frankly - I'd be happy to receive any game / expansion that's marked 1-4 on my wishlist. I've labelled some of the expansions with "5" - they're promo cards/tiles and I'd really like to get them, but as they're mostly unavailable in Poland it's just the easy way to keep my wishlist legible.

I've listed prices (in PLN) next to some of the titles on my wishlist. I checked them a couple of weeks ago though, so some of them may be outdated or the game may be out of stock...

Ha! I hope I've managed to answer all your questions
It's time to get ready with my own presents

Take care, Santa!


Dear Gruen!

Thank you for Your letter, I realy appreciate that You found some time to scribble it! As one of us apparently doesn't get my message (hmm, may it be me?) let me express it in other words: STAY WHERE YOU ARE STOP WAIT FOR MY LETTER STOP CONTACT ME 23 NOVEMBER STOP



Dear Santa!

Could you please abstain from preparing my gift until the 23rd of November? There's a game convention I'm attending on the weekend (21-22 Nov) and I want to play some of the games before putting them on / deleting from my wishlist I'll expand my letter by then as well!

Should you want to make an order in Poland I can wholeheartedly recommend you 2 gamestores: http://planszomania.pl & http://planszostrefa.pl. They both have the most recent titles in stock and the prices are really reasonable. There's also a quite usefull tool - http://i-szop.pl; it's a site that allows you to check the availability of a game in different stores and compare the prices.

I wish you joyful Christmas!
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