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Eat at Linda's
#1 Using the row of microbadges for obscure messages.
#2 Trying to keep the cover images on my VGG collection up to date.
#3 Participating in silly contests whenever they show up.

Boardgames Owned or Rated
I update my collection after each gaming session: I always rate and comment the new games played. I also check my ratings and comments for the older games played, and reconsider them.

Nov 2004 - Caught the bug
Apr 2005 - Joined BGG
Sep 2005 - Started logging plays
Oct 2005 - 100 ratings
Aug 2006 - 200 ratings
Feb 2007 - 300 ratings
Oct 2007 - 400 ratings
Feb 16, 2008 - 500 ratings
Oct 2008 - 600 ratings
Jun 2009 - 700 ratings
Nov 2009 - 800 ratings
Jul 2010 - 900 ratings
Dec 13, 2010 - 1000 ratings
Nov 2011 - 1100 ratings
Oct 2012 - 1200 ratings
Sep 2013 - 1300 ratings
Apr 2014 - 1400 ratings
Jan 2015 - 1500 ratings
Nov 2015 - 1600 ratings

In case you are wondering whether my rating pace is slowing down, it sure looks like it. There are two main reasons: First, after reaching one thousand ratings, there are very few older games that I'm actively trying to get to the test bench. Second, I've mostly migrated from a public weekly game group to an almost-weekly private one, which limits the number of new titles available somewhat. And of course, I've been quite actively pursuing other hobbies lately, especially sports.

Board Game Plays
I track my games played offline but I have now marked the totals on BGG as well. Since I did not track plays during the first ten months, the numbers on certain card games and gateway games are a bit too low. Expansions played are usually counted for the base game only.

BGG Top Tens
My Top 10 is the top ten of the games I own currently overridden by Essen releases. My Hot 10 may include games I want to try next, but it mostly is just a list of upcoming releases I'm keeping track of. Some of those upcoming games will fall off the list as soon as I find out that they aren't very good ;P

BGG Lb11 M7 T4 A+ P--- X- E+++z W--sb D-c BGS? DT! GL++s C++!s G-- S-- Rl++ Rt++ K+ab$ B+25 I--- Z++ V++ Q? F12962

My microbadge designs
Feel free to tip me if you like them ;P

Trading, both BGG and VGG
The Has Parts / Want Parts lists for my collectible games are up to date. In case you don't have/want parts of a specific game, I am also open to suggestions of cross-pollination, for example giving out mb pieces and getting mb dudes in exchange. The same goes for video games: The trade offers don't have to be for the same platform my offers are; Any console I own will do, and offers do not have to be limited to stuff I've put on my VGG wishlist.

VideoGameGeek ratings
I usually play one title at a time, and won't start another game on the same platform before completing the current game. My Hot 10 lists games I'm currently playing, or hoping to play, on each platform. I don't play online, so all ratings are based solely on offline gameplay.

PC gaming history
I played DOS games extensively during the eighties and until about 1994. I have played very few PC games published after that; Mostly because the hardware upgrading race got completely ridiculous. Now that the hardware situation has become more stable, the obligatory Steam use enforced on physical copies of games, along with the resource-hogging intrusive DRM schemes, aren't really helping in welcoming me back. I did buy a new graphics card in Jan 2012 though, so for the first time in twenty years, I now have a computer that is actually capable of running the newest PC games. The learning curve (especially the controls) for PC exclusives seems to be very steep compared to most console games, so I expect the Xbox family to maintain its status as my primary gaming platform.

I had hundreds of DOS games in the early nineties but since it is quite impossible to remember all of them, my VGG ratings are not as scientifically sound as my BGG ratings, and hundreds of games are certainly missing from the list.

My main interests back then were:
Turn-based strategy (mostly by MicroProse)
Adventure (e.g. Sierra, Lucasfilm)
Grid-based party-based RPG (e.g. Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master)
Real-time strategy (e.g. Populous, Serf City, Dune II, Syndicate)
Multiplayer action/arcade (e.g. Archon, Bubble Bobble, Rampart)

I still play old Sid Meier games (Master of Orion 2, Master of Magic, Civ2, Colonization, Alpha Centauri) regularly, i.e. a couple of full games a year.

Console gaming interests
Bought a PS2 in September 2008, mainly for playing LEGO Star Wars and Guitar Hero. After they stopped releasing new games for PS2, finally bought an Xbox 360 in May 2010. In March 2011, got a PlayStation 3 for playing PS3 exclusives; Multiplatform titles will still be played on X360 only. Somehow I have also managed to accumulate the Nintendo systems later on, and Vita as well.

Main interests in console gaming:
Local cooperative two-player campaigns, regardless of genre
Good controls and camera
Open world, exploration, stealth, action adventure
Rhythm games

Usually trying to avoid these:
Unskippable cutscenes
Boss fights
Minigame collections
Pure high-precision platforming
Pure 1st/3rd person shooters
Driving, sports, fighting
Beat 'em up, and generally anything heavily combo-based
Anything with too few continue points or saving possibilities

Video Game Plays
Anything completed since getting my first console is marked as played. For this purpose, the definition of completion is playing through the story/campaign or getting all the Achievements. Certain types of games do not fit in either of these categories but the list of plays still gives a decent estimation of what I've been playing recently. Since getting the Xbox 360, my average completion rate per month has been about one X360 title, 0.3 XBLA titles, and a total of 0.5 titles for all other platforms combined. Nintendo 3DS is gaining some major ground, though.
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Wishlist   49
Commented   315
Has Parts   3
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All   387
Board Game Accessory
Owned   5
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