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Paul Agapow
United Kingdom
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1. It's Carson McCullers.

2. Once, when speculating about the name of a colleagues unborn child, I jokingly suggested "(statistical) outlier". Later, when fumbling for a username, I fell back on old humour. In the years since, I've used it across several sites.

Unfortunately, following the publication of Malcolm Gladwell's book, the name has become unbearably pretentious, and I'd really like to change it. Mods?

3. It's an Australian name - as am I - although once upon a time it was Russian.

4. A data scientist / bioinformatician / systems biologist, currently with Imperial College. I chase diseases and viruses, wrangle masses of genetic data and spend far too much time messing with computers.

5. No, my use of BGG is sporadic. I read some, post the occasional comment or review, but mostly I use BGG for reference, marking out games that sound interesting, and being sarcastic on London-on-Board geeklists. Part of it is time, part of it is being aware that obsessing about games can too easily take the place of playing games, part of it is knowing that there's plenty of things to do in life and a limited number hours before I'm dead.

6. I wouldn't make that much of which games I've listed or rated. I annotate on a random basis and most of my opinions are therefore un-noted. Also, if I don't like a game I tend not to rate it, giving the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I got the rules wrong, maybe it needs a few more plays to understand (which may never come). I also tend to rate games for how well they work for what they are or attempt to do. Thus a good filler or party game can be rated as high as the latest Euro-monster for serious gamers.

A random selection from my game collection:

I'm trying to trim my game shelves done to a sane size and so as ridding myself of a lot of gear that just isn't getting to the table. See here for a list.

Words of gaming wisdom

* There are far more games in the world than I have time to play. There are far more good games than I have time to play. One has to rest easy with this fact.

* Any complexity in a game has to justify its presence, to carry its own weight (as James Ernest once said). Adding extra rules, systems and options for increased possibilities, replay value or "strategic depth" does not automatically improve a game.

* "When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning." (Reiner Knizia)
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