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I'll think of something witty to put here...
Short profile:
I like medium/heavy Euro/economic games. I enjoy games with interesting mechanisms (theme is unimportant and largely unnoticed).

Recently played

My feedback:
I'm not interested in trading games-for-games outside of Europe, as the shipping cost is too high. However I am happy to sell you my games, provided you pay for shipping.

Some of the games on my trade list I'm not 100% sure I want to trade, and many of the games on my "want in trade" list I'm not 100% sure that I do want - usually these are games that sound potentially interesting that I haven't fully researched, so I'll need to go and read reviews etc. If you propose a trade and don't hear back from me within a few days, do give me a prod via geek mail.

Game Groups
I play at two game groups: Eastleigh and Southampton. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to message me (see the UK FAQ for more info)

Important conditions for me to enjoy a game:
*game presents plenty of interesting (non-obvious) decisions,
*low randomness (less is better),
*not too long (for what it is),
*(reasonably) balanced
*my opponents are trying to win (because it is the pursuit of the win that creates the fun),

I have a strong dislike for randomness. The less luck the better. Thus I normally only play Economic or German-style board games, with a preference for the deeper systems. I do not particularly enjoy miniatures games, war games, co-operative games, collectable card games, party games, word games, mass market games (Toys 'R' Us etc.), Ameritrash games, dexterity games, role playing or LARPing. I play preferably medium or heavy economic games, though I enjoy many lighter Euros too such as Dominion and Ticket to Ride. I also like some hybrid games such as Starcraft and Battlestar Galactica.

Game mechanics that I find especially wonderful: Economic/Investment games, Network building, Hidden traitors, Share holding, Role selection (e.g. Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy), Game-length control, Auctions, Hand management, Dominion's in game deck building mechanic, Resource management (though I don't like the get stuff, turn stuff into other stuff chain games such as Caylus). or anything that's new and thought provoking. Current favourites include: Chicago Express, Battlestar Galactica, Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy (Oct 2011).

I don't especially like 2-player games, I prefer games for 4-5 players and thus tend to avoid seeking out 2 player games. Miniatures games, Wargames and Abstracts tend to be 2 player, so I am not interested in them, but might potentially like abstracts if I tried (however killing games are usually too random for my tastes).

I'm not keen on worker placement games. I didn't really see what was so great about Caylus, Keythedral, Shipyard, Dominant Species, Agricola, Le Havre, Age of Empires, Stone Age, Cuba, Egizia or Pillars of the Earth. I feel somewhere between "meh" (at best) and dislike for each of these.

I play with yellow. I get confused when I'm not yellow and try to move the yellow pieces. I prefer to use poker chips for game money because they are easier to handle than paper money.

Short history of my gaming tastes:
Up til 2003: I played Games Workshop games (including Talisman), Monopoly, Risk and computer games.

2003-04: I discovered modern board games, played mostly Ticket to Ride, Settlers and Risk and computer games.

2005: Delved into board gaming: mainly played Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, Settlers + Expansions, Carcassonne, computer games.

2006-07: Further exploration of gaming. Decided I don't like Ameritrash or Role Playing or Risk style games, play mostly medium-light Euro/Economic games. Not playing computer games any more. Playing mainly Power Grid, Evo, Vinci, Railroad Tycoon

2008: Buy Starcraft (board game), fall in love. Also try first 18xx and shift preferences towards more 'gamer games' (Brass, Imperial). Playing mainly Starcraft, Puerto Rico, Brass

2009-2010: Shift away from light, fluffy stuff. Focusing mostly on economic games. Loving Chicago Express, Battlestar Galactica, Puerto Rico.

2011 onwards: Growing interest in 18xx. Declining enthusiasm for light and even middleweight games, but stuck playing 'meh' games for a lack of people with similar tastes.soblue Lots of Battlestar Galactica still.

I am currently a member of GameChat League Amoeba as of Sep 2011, and a former member of GCL Meatball

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Top 10
#1: 1830: Railways & Robber Barons
#2: 1844: Switzerland
#3: 1889
#4: 1849
#5: Battlestar Galactica
#6: Chicago Express
#7: Race for the Galaxy
#8: StarCraft: The Board Game
#9: Hansa Teutonica
#10: Puerto Rico
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