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Umm... hello everyone.... uhh.. my name is Ned..... and I have been using for over 4 years now.....


#1- List all my WANT PARTS / HAVE PARTS

So ASAP, I plan on TRYING to reign in all my BGG related expenditures and button it up all nice in order to interact a tad more with my BGG brethren rather than continue mostly being a content lurker and game knowledge hunter/stalker (and now thrift hoarder). So bear with me if you have come here regarding any of the following, for I just probably have not had the time to complete them.

#3- I am working on a geeklist that chronicles the journey of my Traveling Game Bag. (not sure when I will feel ready of it's worthiness for BGG-wide release )

-- Currently... --

I decided to finally cave a bit to the digital side of board gaming. So if I was going to go that way, I would learn some classics. I learned to play Mah Jong online and got a bunch of free apps. Hearts, Spades, Euchre and (Auction) Pitch. I then super caved and paid money for Tichu and Mu. Glad I did, glad I did.

I have decided to keep all my profile updates instead of erasing them as a little chronicle to my gaming history.

My 2nd avatar...
...retired on 2013.12.09 when I finally flipped the switch to start dealing off thrifted games instead of hoarding THEM ALL! Thanks Pretty Pretty Princess!!!

-- Update from the summer of 2013 --

As for not gaming very much these days... this picture says it all... (except I am not doing very much thrifting either). Yeah but let me tell you all the cliches you hear about kids are true... you know the ones about raising them up real fast in order to play your favorite games...

-- Update from the spring of 2013 --

.. I am working very odd hours and due to some other aspects of life, I am doing very little gaming. However I have flung myself mad-deep into thrifting! When I first started dabbling with thrifting, I was looking to find some gems to add to the collection, finding games to play with my nephew (and rest of the fam), and maybe get some cheap parts to handcraft some PnP games. Now that I have my weekday-days off, and maybe due to my lack of gaming, I can.not.resist. to go check out another store on the circuit! The thrill of the hunt!!!!

My 1st avatar....
.... retired on the Mayan Apocalypse.

-- Update from the fall of 2012 --

Right now I happen to be centrally located, smack dab in between exploring my own collection deeper with my wife, and now more recently, branching out and meeting up with new and different people (and thus playing a lot of their "new to me" games). As my first year into the hobby approaches, this feels like a great place to be. And as I might speculate, a bit of a nice relaxed respite for my wife, as I always had been pushing for the next new game to try and then once that happened, getting to the advanced way to play ASAP.

-- Update from the summer of 2012 --
-- Personal Goal... --

In November 2013 I will be a solid two years into exploring this fascinating board game universe. I hope to have crowned a "10" by that time. Even if I haven't (or actually have), I will then devise a system which will first rate my favorite game as high as I dare, and then work backward from there. I state this for the fact that at the time of this writing, I still have yet to crack the "9" threshold..... continuously cautious about reserving enough space for pure magnificence to shine! Such pure gaming divinity may or may not be out there for me, but after 2 years of searching I should know. So when that day arrives I will want to give more love to the games that I do enjoy, and do exist, and elevate their rankings accordingly... acknowledging the true beauty that is in the here and now....

-- The following is what I wrote when I first joined BGG --

Clue & Parcheesi first (6-8 years old???), then Mastermind & Electronic Detective (9-11 yrs old?) come to mind as being my favorites....where I felt proud to be a quality player in these 'adult world' games.(w' kid games being more of a 'time occupier'....I'll say Mouse Trap, Battleship, and Concentration reigned supreme. I actually lobbyed against Monopoly as a dumb game way back then, I am proud to say. AND YES, I DID DISCOVER THE AUCTION RULES BUT JUST GOT BEAT UP EXTRA HARD FOR SUGGESTING THEM) In 1986 I was introduced to Strat-o-matic (SOM) Baseball and it was huge!! But nothing can compare to what followed 2 years later as I attempted my first Long Pass (to JoJo Townsell) in a game of SOM Football. I've logged a solid year if I've logged a minute in the playing/organizing/inventing/trading/smacktalking/thinking/dreaming of this game. I believe I differ from the majority of SOM players in which they recreate seasons or make historical matchup scenarios. I have and will always be into the forever aspect of maintaining a continuous neverending league. The American Football Organization (est. 1989) is currently in Season 13 with 6 real living breathing head coaches and 6 virtual coaches (controlled by me...The Commissioner). Over 20 people have participated one way or the other through the years. Draft, play, retire, repeat. There shall be no end. I have made tons of new rules. In essence creating an intermediate version (where there isn't one) and creating change-ability and variability to what are static player cards and establishing the continuing league structure itself (like I said, most people play just one-offs).
     In 2002 I was invited to play a board game I had never heard of on a weekend night. I was skeptical.....I mean, let's just drink and hang out man, I don't need no group activity/distraction to break the ice...... Well it was Settlers of Catan, and I was pleasantly impressed. We played a bunch of times over the next 2 years until he moved away and that was that..........UNTIL I went to visit him in Nov 2010 and he introduced my to Carcassonne! AND it could be played with just 2 players! Well my girlfriend got the base game plus the Tower expansion under the xmas tree that year and the Big Box 3 instead of candy and flowers for valentines day! We have since been married and are looking into a heavier game future!!!!!!

Married to...

Thank You For Being A Friend
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I am currently running have run some fun bidding contests (bet GG, win GG), mostly revolving around sports. Check them out here I thought BGG would be a fun spot for these using GG but they didn't seem to catch hold. LMK if you would like to see a return! If I try again I might try something other than sports. I really just like the unique structure of these.

TOP 10 = my 'Heavily Considering to Acquire' list.

HOT 10 = 'games that I have played (but do not own), that I would love to get back to and get deeper into'....(even over trying something new... Wow, people change!!)
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