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Finally another update (12/08/13)...

I'm a Software Leadership Coach with The Santeon Group at a rather large Government agency (depending on your point of view, I joined the dark side). This keeps me very busy as one can imagine. My personal interests in IT are Lean/Agile development methodologies and open source software - particularly that based on Python. I'm also hugely interested in UX, Product Management, and Lean Start-up.

I am also a retired Navy Reservist with over 24 years service. I started out flying jets on active duty (squadron mate to a certain infamous astronaut in the headlines) and my last position was attached to an acquisition unit for special operations gear.

I have an international family, my wife is Australian, I'm American, and my son is adopted from Russia and is both a sports addict as well as I keep trying to turn him into a gamer. My wife is not too much of a gamer, but has been tolerant of my gaming sessions. Is it just gamers are we the only ones that can retain information? I mean I won't remember a set of rules perfectly, but seems I am the only one that retains squat unless it is a game that has been played MANY, MANY times, then others seem to vaguely remember it. I can bring my self up to speed in minutes. We gamers must be a special breed...

I try to mix my game play up a lot... Meaning, I hate playing the same games over and over - sure fire way to dump a score of 10. Thus my 10s have remained constant - while I always want to play them, I always try and force myself to play other games.

I am impressed with so many of the designers out there... My hat is off to you all for bringing me back to the hobby. I'm finally giving myself a hand at it and have a game in works and should have it entering play testing soon whistle - Tornado Alley. I am also in the process of designing a euro-space exploration and warfare game based on Niven's Known Space. I have contacted Larry Niven and he is helping me keep true to the faith. I'll make an entry on it once it matures.

On the RPG side, I love Traveller and played quite a bit of D&D back in the day and even a few times in the very late 90s. I discovered Reve the Dream Ouboros and Sky Realms of Jorune and while I haven't played either, both fascinate me. Back in the day, the Morrow Project and Gamma World also held my interest.

Finally, I think there are many more types of mechanics out there than BGG formally tracks; see http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/15515 to get an idea of those.


You'll also find me on
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