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Secret Santa 2012;

Second package arrived today. Another great choice. Both of these games have been on my list for a while and I am so excited to have them both. Thank you so much. Here is the link:

Thank You List

The package arrived and I wasted no time opening it. Castles of Burgundy has been at the top of my wishlist for a long time. Can't wait to get it to the table. Thanks so much! I will post to the secret santa geeklist on Monday after opening the next one. Merry Christmas!

Earliest game memories:
I played most of the standard children's games that the US had to offer. I best remember the looong games of Monopoly with my cousins at my Grandma's house. Played of course with our own version of the rules and with all sorts of cheating and shady dealing. I remember playing Old Maid & Slap Jack with my Grandma. Mouse Trap with my sister. Rummy with my Mom. Stratego with my Dad.

School Days:
At some point I acquired Hero Quest. I played this game a ton with my childhood best friend and accross the street neighbor Geoff and my other friend Brian. I even acquired a couple of expansions (I wish I knew what happened to those $$$). I even designed some of my own over-the-top quests.

As Hero Quest was played out I started my own quest to find something new. Game's such as Dark World, Battlemasters, and others were flops. Eventually, a new friend introduced me to Axis & Allies. I immediately fell in love and got my own copy. My friends and I wore out this copy. As this game was becoming repetitive and stale I eventually did find a Hero's Quest replacement in Mutant Chronicles. I spent many lazy Saturdays with my friends completing Mutant Chronicles campaigns. Man, do I miss those days. Also, discovered Superstar baseball through a random Avalon Hill brochure. Completed many seasons of this throughout high school. This lead me to History of the World.

Wasted precious gaming years. Kind of got out of gaming during my college years. I learned plenty of new games, it's just, they all involved alcohol. I wish I had gamed more.

To the present:
Decided to get back into board gaming and discovered Settlers of Catan. Enjoyed it enough that I sought out more of this unique game type. The search led me to the Geek. I eventually bought Evo and became hooked on this site. 200 games later and I'm still here.

Not any game groups around Ashland and no gamers that I know of. I've traveled down to Columbus to game with CABS a few times. I attend Origins every year. I've been to Gencon a couple of years.
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