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It's Christmas time again... In February...
Thank you very much Santa for sending yet another gift. I was both surprised and happy to hear from you again last week. Just now, I got your package containing Rallyman (working from home paid out today)... and am pretty speechless... Thanks a million!!!

This Item for Geeklist "2014 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me..." is linking directly to my geeklist entry of "Look what my Santa sent me"...

Thank you very much for your great gift selection!!! Happy Holidays to you!!


Second Santa challenge: Photos from Munich
(as previously sent to Santa's private email)

First one is an overview on two of the most famous buildings in Munich: Frauenkirche (long history since the 15th century) and Neues Rathaus (New City Hall; building started 1867).

Next one is Altes Rathaus (the old city hall; built between 1470 and 1480). It’s located at the same city square (Marienplatz), just a little to the right of Neues Rathaus:

An interesting shot is the following. It shows the oldest church in the Munich area (built in the beginning of the 12th century) and the Allianz arena, the stadium where FC Bayern München plays football:

And finally, one great establishment in Munich (and Bavaria in general), the Biergarten. Here, according to the tradition, you can bring your own food, as long as you buy the drink from the place. It’s a great place to be in summer, but they also open outside the warm season, if there’s a warm enough day. Two years ago, some opened on Dec 24, because we had around 20 degrees, just for the day. Must have been some warm wind from Italy, coming over the Alps. The one pictured below is called Hirschgarten (because of some deer that lives in one corner of the park), the biggest Biergarten in Munich and one of my favorites:


First Santa challenge: Game night photos
Multiplayer-Solitaire Game Night Impressions:
(as previously sent to Santa's private email)


Dear Santa,

thanks a lot for getting in touch early!! It always feels good to know that Santa is back... Sorry that it took some time to answer; you already sent two messages now... shake I'm just back today at a regular computer, which makes answering in the profile a little easier than on the phone...

I checked Wisconsin on Wikipedia and learned that 50% of the inhabitants have German roots. Also, there still seem to be some leftover German influences visible nowadays? Like breweries and food? Is it true that McDonalds even had Bratwurst on offer for a while? All that definitely sparked my interest and I will for sure dig a little deeper and try to learn more about Wisconsin. Maybe I can trace some links to Munich even... ninja

Regarding possible challenges from your side; I'm ready to do my best to fulfill any requests. Not sure my gaming nights are overly crazy (and definitely a little too rare lately), but anyway,.... bring it on... I could just upload photos here, into my profile, I guess..

Ok, that's it for now... Keep in touch...

Greetings from Munich,



Dear Secret Santa,

I'm very much looking forward to this year's event and hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I did during the last years... I wonder, if you will be a quiet Santa or one with lots of questions and tasks to solve.

Whatever it is, thank you for being my Secret Santa this year!!

My wishlist is pretty up to date, as I use it throughout the year to track wishes, orders and ideas of what might be worth another look.

Everything in the 'love to have' and 'like to have' category would be a great gift... there's no specific order of preference within the two categories, really...

Ordering from German online stores usually is the easiest option. I use various ones (Milan-Spiele, spiele-offensive, spielgilde,...) and all can be recommended...

If you are new to the event, the best way to communicate is that you use the Santa account to get in touch with me and I'll post my answer here in the profile...

Best holiday wishes,



I always liked to play games, but I really only picked up the hobby "boardgames" again in 2006, after long years of little activity (apart from the occasional game of Primordial Soup or El Grande).

In fact, getting to know BGG (in 2006, what a coincidence ninja ) has helped a lot to really make "boardgames" a hobby with all the geeky side effects (such as reading rules of games I don't own, happily punching chits & tiles and sorting them into plastic baggies and so on)...

Since then, my collection of games kept growing quite a bit. Lately, I'm trying to be more selective about new purchases and try to fill gaps, rather than buying the next iteration of the same concept. Also, I sold quite some games to focus my collection on games I really like.

My Top 10 consist of the games I currently rate highest, the Hot 10 are those, that I would like to play (again) next. However, I haven't reviewed the two Top 10 lists for a while. They should probably look a little different now..



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