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Josh Morgan
United States
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Open to trade offers. All games I have are very well cared for and typically have components stored in some sort of Plano container and/or hobby (ziplock) bags. I live in a smoke free house with my wife and son. The games on my trade list are the ones I've very open to trade. Other games in my collection may be available as well, but trade offers would be evaluated more closely.

My personal gaming interest tend to be towards more thematic games. I enjoy games with asymmetric player abilities. I don't mind luck, so long as it's not the only thing driving the game. I can also appreciate and enjoy a well put together Euro (Agricola, Power Grid, etc). I'm not much of a war gamer. I've tried and the whole hex/counter thing just really isn't for me. Block war games or lighter war game fair however I can enjoy. The biggest barrier to war games though is probably the almost strictly 2 player requirement. I tend to game in larger groups so more often than not, I won't have a game night that would facilitate war game play. Also due to this I don't get to play a lot of 2 player games, though I try to make exceptions for Earth Reborn.

Other than that, I'm a relatively avid video game player. I enjoy playing guitar, drums, singing. I'm a fan of good science fiction/fantasy. For my day job I work for a software company focusing on FDA/Pharma products. Any other nerdy thing you could think of I probably have at least a passing interest or appreciation.

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