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So, what brings you to my home page?
I wanted to know more about you
I saw a response in a thread and wanted to see more
I saw one of your pictures and wanted to see more
I was looking to trade games
I was just looking around the Geek and stumbled across this page
I just made you a Geekbuddy
I have no idea why im here, but I answered this poll anyway
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Poll created by ronster0

Recently Played games

I have a lot of my games for trade to keep as many options open as possible. If you are looking to trade with me, PLEASE send a trade request, I prefer these over a geek mail as they are easier to respond to. I try to respond to all trade request. Unless stated, my games in like new or new condition.


- Ron

Games I am really looking to trade for:

If you got this far my name is actually Ron Chavez. I was born and raised in California and really love it here. While the Los Angeles area can be a bit hectic and expensive, it is still my home and I could not imagine living any where else.

I am currently married with three children. Due to work and family commitments I don't get to play the long war games of my younger days and find myself with a mix of solo war games, mid-weight games,family, and party games.

I guess I became a board game player when I was young. I loved to play the simple Risk, connect 4, mastermind and the like.. When I was a kid, I would try to make war board games with my army men and sheets of wood. As, I got older I really got hooked on the old MB Axis and Allies, Fortress America, and Broadsides and Boarding Parties (which I have since acquired) games. About the same time I also discovered D&D and started running campaigns as the DM for the next 10 years or so. I love the RPG games and am still looking for that great balance between board game and RPG.

As I got into my later teens and early twenties I discovered computers (and girls) and started to shy away from board games. I would say that computer and video gaming became my main hobby for quite a few years.

After I got married and had three kids I wanted something that would be more interactive that video games. I bought Heroscape and looked on the net for information which led me to my addiction of Board Game Geek.

I spend a good amount of time on the geek and I would say my main contributions have been pictures. Like most I bought tons of games off the bat, but have slowed down some (yet my collections is nearing 500). I tend to give away lots of thumbs up... im easy that way.

My top 10 are the games I would like to play and would probably never turn them down. My hot ten are the recent games I have played. I currently play most games with my family and am looking for a war game buddy. I have been lucky enough to have a 5 -6 player game night going 4x a month lately. This has really given me opportunity to enjoy my games.

My hobbies would include fishing, photography, gardening, watching all kinds of movies (I really love the war movies), watching and playing sports, spending time with my family, and the endless task of keeping my house in shape.

I was nominated as Geek of the Week. You can find the thread here.

I think that's it. Please drop me a line about anything.

- Ron

My highest rated pictures:

My newest pictures:

Click here to see all my pics.

How do you feel about dice?
Dice hate me. They do their best to roll the worst possible outcome. I never win a game when dice are involved.
Not so good. Dice generally don’t fall my way. I usually lose games when dice are involved due to bad rolls.
So-So. Sometimes I get good rolls, sometimes I get bad rolls. In the long run, everything works out about even.
I like dice. The dice generally fall my way and I get good rolls. If dice are in the game, I have a good chance of winning.
Dice love me. They do my bidding and bend to my will when I need that perfect roll.
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Poll created by ronster0

Here are a few geekbadges I've designed (If you like one and don't have enough geekgold, just let me know)

mb I love simultaneous selection games

mb I sell board games for money

mb I am a computer hacker


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Top 10
Hot 10
#1: The Grizzled
#2: Catacombs
#3: Love Letter: Batman
#4: Tiny Epic Galaxies
#5: Babel
#6: Codenames
#7: King of New York
#8: Age of War
#9: Zombie Dice
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