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My Story:

I have called Wisconsin my home all of my life, though I have lived in many different places while in the service of these great United States. I have set down roots in Wisconsin with my wife and two lovely daughters. All of which I am sharing my gaming passion with.

Our current family game the girls (age 9 & 11) love to play is Lords of Waterdeep.

My current game of choice is, I don't know!

A database administrator by trade, but I really am a technical junkie. I have a BBA in MIS and a Master degree in information technology. Job offers accepted!

I have been gaming in Wisconsin since I cracked open my boxed set of this crazy new game called Dungeons and Dragons back in 1980. I hooked my neighbors into playing and never stopped. It wasn't until my college years that I started playing war games with friends and board games in general. I have been a member of the same monthly board game group since 1996.

I am also a recovering crack addict. Magic the Gathering, being my drug of choice. Like drugs, it has stolen my money, time and brains! I went into rehab about 8 years ago when my oldest daughter was born, but like any addict, I still relapse now and again.

Hint, hint. Kids are expensive!

Gaming factoid(s):

(1) While Gen*Con was based in Milwaukee, I never made the time to attend.

(2) I have won so many games of Ra that it has been banned for the past several years from our gaming group. It last hit the table on September 11, 2002. Truthfully, I hardly remember how to play by now!

After an 8 year ban on the game Ra, it finally hit the table on November 6, 2010. There were 4 players and I managed an apparent come from behind victory in the final scoring. The game is now back on the banned list.

(3) I still enjoy a good game of Monopoly after so many years!

(4) Sarquin was the name of my 50th level monk on a mud called Sojourn. The mud is now called Toril and my character long gone. It then became the name of my Living Greyhawk campaign character, an Elven Ranger of the Vesve. Sarquin will rise again, but in what format?

(5) Anachronism is still the greatest game in history.


Kwyjibo is the best scrabble word ever!

kwyjibo \kwee-jee-bo\ n. 1 : a bald, overweight, North American ape of below average intelligence with no chin and a short temper.

Micro badges I designed can be purchased: Here

Micro Badge Story


I designed this micro badge as a tribute to my father and all the men and women who have ever been prisoners of war from any country. Maybe someday this world will come together in unity so there never has to be any future prisoners of war.

My father was a prisoner of war during World War II. The following is an excerpt of his story.

December 16th, 1944 was a foggy and cold day in Roth Germany. Roth was one of the forward operation posts from which they directed artillery fire to enemy positions. It was supposed to be a fairly quiet sector and till this day, that certainly seemed true. This was the opening day of what would later be named the Battle of the Bulge.

At 05:15 the 18th CRS report two red flares just east of Roth. By 05:30 the attack had begun and at 06:00 the report of full engagement in Roth with all weapons hot came into the command post. Shortly after this the report came in at 06:10 that the general attack of Krewinkel, Afst and Roth were fully underway and all positions are fighting for their lives as the attack continues west. At 09:00 the news that Kobscheid had fallen and cut off any retreat path for the 18th CRS in Roth and they were now fully surrounded.

The next radio contact was from Capt. Stanley Porche, CO, Troop A 18th Cav at Roth, and Lt. Herdrich in Kobscheid at 14:00: "We're moving back! Your friends to the south, are moving back too. It's up to you whether you withdraw on foot or in vehicles. I advise you to go on foot. --Wait!...Tiger tank 75 yards from CP, belting us with direct fire." This was the last communication from the 18th CRS in Roth.

Sometime shortly after this they ran out of ammunition and the main force at Roth had surrendered. My dad and about 50 or so other men alluded capture and found their way to a barn on the outskirts of Roth and laid low with the hopes of moving past enemy lines under the cover of darkness. It was at 19:30 that a brick came through a barn window with a note attached. "Surrender or be killed." The barn was encircled by German troops. My dad was the first to walk out of the barn doors into the unknown. He opened the barn doors to face down several machine guns.

In his own words, "It was total darkness. About 50 of us were in a barn, and we were going to try to escape that night. But the Germans threw a rock through a window, with a small note attached asking us if we wanted to surrender or be killed."

They were then marched to Stalag 13-D outside of Nurnberg. This trip looks to be about 300 miles. From there they spend the next 6 months moving between camps until they were liberated. Dad was a survivor and had keen sense. He did a few things to help his survival. First. He heard the Germans were taking clothing away. He was smart enough to tie his socks around his waist so he could keep them and put them on later. This helped him avoid frost bite. Another thing he did was march on the outside of the column. He learned quickly that German tanks coming down the road did not move. If you did not move fast enough, you were dead.

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