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Kai Bettzieche
Rheinland Pfalz
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My Projects

Oh hai

I can has profile?


I'z Kai. Kai frum Gernomny. I wuz a young kitteh once. Dad tought me ches den. Wuz mah only boadgame long time. An Nomnopoly. An Risk.
Den I got HeroQuest. Wuz mah only boadgame looong time. An its expunshunz. But me no lieks shiny heroes. Me only plays Basement Cat!
Den mah brothr gave me his computr. Wuz a C64.
Den I playd viddiogamez loooooooong time. Longa den longcat! Den I found sum frenz. Frenz play BloodBowl. I luvz BloodBowl. I playz da Amazuns an da Lizzahs. An da Slann.
Den I findz that frienz play moar boadgamez. Liek Nekronumda. I lieks Nekronumda. I playz Escher. "Da WildCatZ". I luvz "Da WildCatZ".
An I haz gurlfiend! She'z a fairy! A Troll! No shit! She haz honor, lieks crafting, iz taff and she haz got a biiiig heart!
An she luvs luvs luvs luvs luvs boardgamez! I has a happyhappyhappyhappyhappy
An I write gamez to play wif friendz!
Look: http://boardgamegeek.com/designer/12247
That'z me
An I lieks dem squad lebbel skirmish gamez. Liek Lebbel 2 or Whack & Slaughter (wrote mahself!)

Look at mah gamez here: http://www.catzeyes.de
Or here: http://www.facebook.com/catzeyesentertainment
Or here: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/12247/kai-bettzie...
Or follow me here: https://twitter.com/CatZeyeSHQ

Look at mah Top10. See wut I lieks.

Do! Not! Want! Nomnopoly! Or othr no-brainz.

I lieks cheezburger! HA! Gotcha! No, srsly! I can has cheezburger? I has a happy den!
An I lieks theatre. Wif huuminz. An wif big screen, too. Is dark in there. I lieks dark.
An I luva mah rollabladez. Give me speed! Me lieks!
An I luv gamez an creating gamez an beein creative generally!

Here'z mah abbatar:

Iz Basement Cat. All hail teh mighty Basement Cat!

Wanna see mah face?
Heh! Clikz on mah designr's batch! Den u see mah face!

Sum of mah gamez:

An here iz how to get that bar:

Oh, btw - dis is mah geekcode:

Version: 3.1
GO/BGG d+ s: a? C++++$ UL++>+ P+>++ L++ E--- W++ N- K-- w+$>w++$ O- M-- V PS- PE Y-- PGP---- !t 5? X R+++ tv+ b+ DI++ D--- G+ e* h r@ z++

-----BGG Code Block-----
Lb25 Lr20 Lc15 Lw20 M1-2 T4+ A+ P++ X- E+++ W-- D+ BGSH DTT GL--- C+ G++ S--- R++lt K+ab$ B~ I~ D+ V+ S++sw F67411
-----End BGG Code-----

An here a statistic bout where them visitrs uf mah profile come from:

An here are me microbudgz:

An dis iz mah Hero abbatar:

Basement Cat and his hoomanoid cumpanion schattentanz.

An if U wanna do sumthin really useful, join team geekdo at folding@home - getz U certzificate an geekgold:

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Registration Date: 2009-01-15
Last Profile Update: 2016-05-05
Last Login: 2016-05-06
Country: flag Germany
State: Rheinland Pfalz
Town/City: Eppelsheim
Website: http://www.catzeyes.de
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Top 10
#1: Whack & Slaughter
#2: HeroQuest
#3: Railways of the World
#4: Meeplecrawl
#5: Level II
#6: Patrol: Lost!
#7: Fearless
#8: Necromunda
#9: Inn-Fighting
#10: Dungeon Twister
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