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It's me. My main hobby is finding new hobbies. I pick something up, practice it for about two years, and as likely as not leave it for something new. They vary from extreme sports (skydiving, paragliding), to less so (historical archery, historical fencing, diving, off-road), to mundane things like film & film history, photography to name my favorite few. Some of these I manage to get decent in and never completely abandon, some are short adventures ending when I decide it's not for me. One thing however I will always do and never get tired of: travel. I don't intend to die until I see most of this world, as Mars is sadly out of question.

It's hard to say when exactly I started playing board games, but it became a more serious hobby about 2010 and is still eating much of my free time. I expect that one day I will have to limit the time I spend on this hobby, and by necessity, play fewer new games and cut on gaming club meetings I attend. I doubt I will stop playing altogether though, as I managed to introduce many friends to gaming and we do play from time to time even heavier titles.

I play mostly heavier euros, partly because that's what is predominantly played at gaming clubs in Warsaw, partly because of high depth to rule complexity ratio (yes, I know abstracts are even better at it, but abstracts are the ugly girls with wonderful personalities of gaming), allowing me to play at least one new game a week on average. I would love to play some of my favourites (http://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/schizoferret?sort=r...) more often, but my love for them is not always shared and gamers here usually prefer to play many different games to regular plays in selected few titles. At least once a month I try to play a bigger title, like A Game of Thrones, Runewars, Eclipse, Clash of Cultures. I would also play some good ameritrash if I had an occasion. I own and painted War of the Ring, Space Hulk, Hybrid, Earth Reborn to name a few, but no-one wants to play them with me I am not really interested in party games (gaming is deadly serious business!) and wargames (because I need the comfort of knowledge there are levels of nerddom I haven't yet reached).

I expect my games to have tangible themes and nice graphics, even euros - it's not 2002 anymore! That's why Vlaada Chvatil is my god. I love Dungeon Lords & Dungeon Petz, Galaxy Trucker, and value highly Through the Ages although I almost never play it (because I suck). I like games with a high puzzle factor, where I have to find optimal use of resources or sequence of moves and those which require (and allow) predicting actions of other players. That's why action programming is probably my favorite mechanic. It's used not only in light, chaotic games like RoboRally (and perhaps Himalaya), but also heavier like Shogun/Wallenstein (one of my favorites, despite its relative simplicity) and of course heavy Dungeon Lords. I prefer strategic games to tactical, and particularly like those where you have to make detailed plans for a couple of turns ahead, while still allowing for a change based on opponents' actions, like in Myrmes, Tzolk'in. I don't like economic games (those where you buy, sell, invest and try to make the most profit) very much - I don't like to feel like an accountant. In general, I don't like games which generously reward with points for everything and require constant calculation of payouts for every possible combination of actions, like revered OeL, Terra Mystica, Castles of Burgundy - they are good for computers. I prefer to pick a goal and try to achieve it in a most efficient way.

I rate all games I play, often after a single play, unless I really don't know what to think about it. If I played a game more times and get to know it, I also make a comment. I sometimes also do so after single or two plays, when I don't intend to play it again (or will not have an occasion to do it in foreseeable future), but it should be obvious from the comment.

I sometimes do reviews, and would like to do more of them. However, I will write a review only if I know the game well and have something new and important to say about it, or if I'm going to be one of the first. Both these conditions are difficult: I rarely am one of the first to play a game making the latter less probable, and playing many games makes it difficult to feel proficient at any given one. The deeper reviews are titled 'Insight into ...', while briefer overviews 'A look at ...'. If you would like a review of something from my collection (especially if my comment on it is not laconic), geek mail me.

I also make lousy microbadges which only I seem to buy. My favorite are: mbmb. The complete list can be seen here: http://boardgamegeek.com/microbadges?creator=schizoferret

My favorite contribution to BGG is probably this geeklist: Moron warriors - ridiculous incompetencies in plastic armies.

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