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. . . give a ship.

Santa Grogs, your presents have been pawed through and proudly displayed on my table.

Santa Santa, I will be opening yours on christmas. I have NO idea what most of them are. I'm so excited. You are really over the top!!!

11/24/15 Santa Grogs- Contact! Hi Santa! I end up taking a fairly broad view on what's a wargame. The main offenders this year being miniatures games, probably. Because from my point of view, there's hardly any non wargames on my wishlist! As far as slightly more traditional map/counter type games . . . I dunno. It's hard for me to evaluate them, so I tend to stick with things I know like combat commander, cdgs, columbia style games . . . stuff like that.

I hope I'm not on the naughty list now!

Merry Christmas Santa, I hope you had a great time at bggcon!

S. Grogs- Thanks for the reply, Santa! I'm glad you can look past my wicked ways devil

Hello Santa!!

This has been a pretty huge year for me. The beginning of December will mark my being at my current job for a year and a half, which I'm pretty happy about. It will mark a year since my father died, which I am less happy about. It will be my girlfriends birthday along with being a year since I visited her for the first time halfway across the country; she has since moved here to be with me which I am happy about and we play boardgames often which I super happy about about! I will have lived in my own house for the first time ever (I technically haven't bought it but will once some stuff gets cleared up) which of course has been set up with a large room devoted to games. And I turned stupid-thirty. To put things in perspective, I was jobless, degreeless, girlfriendless, and living in my father's basement with a dozen real boardgames six years ago during my first secret Santa.

(I hope you're the kind of Santa who loves reading long winded stuff cause if you can't tell already, I like the sound of my own voice and the sight of my own words.)

Anyway, I really love the secret Santas here and will be in both the regular and the wargame ones again this year! It's easily my favorite thing about this site and one of my favorite things about the holiday season (I love Christmas quite a bit, so it's got some stiff competition for awesomest part of the holidays.) Just in case you don't know, Santa, you can communicate with my other Santa, so don't feel like you can't send me a wargame, because I probably will end up with quite a few on my list.

About my wishlist-- I use the numbers to mean the following:

1. Must Have: These are games I will buy at some point because I know I want them. Maybe this is the best kind of gift, maybe not!

2. Love to Have: These are things I know I want, but if I somehow don't end up with them it's okay.

3. Like to Have: These are things I'd like, but might wait for a trade or sale or something.

4. Thinking About It: I am not sure of these games-- maybe I want to play it or research it. I'll try to move everything up or down out of this category but with the big conventions happening some stuff will likely end up here anyway. It will take more effort on Santa's part to find out if these would be a good fit for me. I'll probably move all the games that are a long way from production to this spot as well.

5. Don't Buy This: Exactly what it says! Stuff usually trickles down here as I lose enthusiasm for it and eventually goes off my wishlist. Though sometimes moves back up it! There's a few things there that are there because they're too expensive.

I do a pretty thorough job examining new games, so if something isn't on my wishlist, there's probably a reason. But, at the same time, I have finite resources and judge games based on that, so there might be plenty of things I wouldn't mind having whether I've heard it or not. Sticking to the wishlist is good advice for Santas in general, but if you think you're the type who can divine the perfect game for someone by stalking them on the internet, you have my permission to call an audible. It's more likely there are wargames I haven't heard of than any other kind.

Some of my favorite things:

-Civ Building Games. I like games where you explore, expand, and exploit. Extermination is optional.

-Block Games. I really like the elegance of combining unit strength, health and fog of war.

-Star Wars. I am into all four of the fantasy flight star wars games. I do not add expansions to my owned list (same goes for stuff like netrunner too.) So, even if it might look like I don't own something, if it's not on my wishlist I probably own several!

-Ships. I like naval history. And spaceships.

-Napoleon. I can't resist that little guy's antics.

-Natural Colors. My favorite color is green. I like games with natural, secondary, or seasonal motifs. Greens, purples, browns, grays. Games like Netrunner, Castles of Burgundy, La Granja, Key Market, Combat Commander, Bitter Woods, Antiquity.

I have the chance to play a lot of two payer games, so it's very rare I buy a game that can't play with two. Not that I'd be opposed to getting Dune or something, but just know it might see less play.

I play some tabletop miniatures games. I'm kinda all set on miniatures right now, but I would not be opposed to some sort of plastic or resin terrain piece that my girlfriend or I could paint. Something medieval or foresty would look good with my armies! I've got a lot of ruins, but no trees.

I guess it won't be hard to find most stuff on my wishlist, but if you were really stumped, or just thought I should be playing Hearthstone more often, I do play that game quite a bit. There's not much to get in the game right now, but I'll always need amazon coins eventually to buy whatever they release next.

If you wanted to go the "something I'd use but will absolutely never buy myself on principle," I'd definitely start 100 games at a time if I had a premium subscription on

I would be fine with a note from Santa saying that a game was preordered from a reputable retailer. Companies like GMT or FFG are pretty good about releasing stuff eventually.

I guess that's it for now, santa. I just got out of a week in the hospital, so the holidays are looking to be a bit more exhausting. But I can't wait to hear from you (or not, I won't complain if you're the strong, silent type.)

Thanks so much for participating in the Secret Santas and I hope you have the merriest holiday season possible!

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