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Secret Santa 2012 package has arrived. Gifts to be opened on Christmas. My wife is jealous of the wrapping paper on the book-like item. Thanks also for previously received CSI gift certificate.

Packages opened, Geeklist entry here.

I've played games of some type as far back as I can remember. I started with childhood board games and moved on to other games like Risk, King Oil, and Dark Tower. I picked up D&D and AD&D along the way. In junior high, we were introduced to Scotland Yard, which became the family gaming obsession for years. On into high school I played computer games almost exclusively followed by an interest in card games played with a standard deck.

In college, I continued to play computer games, but I reconnected with board games, playing a lot of Risk, Stocks and Bonds, Acquire, and A&A. Our real obsession for a while was Rook, as well as some Spades and Hearts. I became even more interested in exploring different standard deck card games.

Over Memorial Day weekend in 1994, we started a little get together at my parents' house where we ate and played games. It was a lot of fun and became an annual event, although it sometimes moved to the Fourth of July or Labor Day weekends. While we played many old standbys, we were picking up new games, mostly from Jared, our friend who worked in Dallas. Meanwhile, the CCG craze hit, and I became heavily into Decipher's SWCCG.

In 2000 Jared finally got us to play Settlers of Catan while we were at another friend's house. It became an instant hit. Two years later, he introduced me to Empire Builder and the descent into madness began. My collection started to grow in 2002 but really began to accelerate in 2003. This has not abated.

As it stands, I love playing all sorts of games -- especially railroad games, connection games, and card games. I'm not very good at area control, but I still like to play them. About the only group of boardgames I don't really care for are party games, although there are notable exceptions. Of late, I find myself drawn more and more to games with lots of mini's simply because my kids really get into them.

I got to know my wife, Christine, because she was interested in playing Spades. We have played games for as long as we have been together and she is still my most common opponent. We have four wonderful children: Grace (12), Hope (10), James (5), and David (4), all of whom love to play games, especially daddy's game. The surprise recent hit has been Zombicide.

I currently live and work in Columbus, MS. Since moving, we do not play nearly as often as we have in the past. We are trying to play on a more regular basis and to that end play on most Tuesday nights. We are trying to get some dedicated weekend times set up as well. If you are in town and want to play, send me a geekmail and we'll try to work something out.

My Hot Games are upcoming releases/reprints that are on my radar for whatever reason (last updated 01/20/2009). The Personal Top 10 are my most played games for the past six months that I don't consider solely kid games, even though my kids rack up a lot of the plays (last updated 05/06/2009).

For Secret Santa (or other gift-givers)
As you might guess by looking around, I really like train games. I particularly like the network aspects of these games, thus a lot of other connection type games. I also have a fondness for race games, particularly those with interesting means of operating, as well as card games of many types.

My wishlist is up-to-date as of today (11-22-2012). Anything listed as a pre-order should be on its way to me in some fashion. I assign my own personal meaning to the numbers in the wishlist groups.

Groups 1 and 2 are the things I really want.
Group 3 are other games that I hope to pick up.
Group 4 is reserved for games that I want to keep track of for any number of different reasons, though in general have some appeal to me.
Group 5 includes games that I wouldn't mind having but that I have decided I will never purchase for myself.
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