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Latest News
I am still trying to greatly reduce my game collection. Please take a moment to browse my For Trade and Marketplace items. Please contact me with any questions or offers. I really appreciate your help and support!

Top Wants
d10-1 UGO!
d10-2 Arboretum
d10-3 Filipino Fruit Market
d10-4 Katzenjammer Blues
d10-5 Riffifi
d10-6 The Bucket King

Recent Game Plays

Note: I do my best to log ALL of my game plays, including solo, iOS, online, and prototype games.

About Me
Like many people, I grew up playing classic family games such as Sorry, Life, Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Backgammon, etc. We also played a lot of traditional card games in my family such as Rummy, Hearts, Poker, and Euchre. Lucky for me, many of my friends were also into games, so I got to play quite a bit of Fireball Island, Rivers, Roads & Rails, HeroQuest, and Battle Masters. I remember learning about M:tG and D&D when I entered high school in the early 90s, but did not get involved with either due to the financial investment required. I played some games during college, but didn't really get back into games in any depth until a few years ago when a few co-workers and I decided to get together for dinner on a weekly basis as a way to keep in touch after we started working from different locations. It started with just dinner, beer (one my other favorite hobbies), and shooting the breeze together, but we decided to play some games as another activity. It started very slowly with games like Break the Safe, Blokus, Munchkin, Zombie Fluxx, Carcassonne and other games that one of the guys already had. It was fun and he gradually introduced us to other games such as Galaxy Trucker, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Agricola, Zooloretto, etc. I knew that I had caught the gaming bug at that point, but knew that I had to keep it a casual get together type of thing as to not get sucked into yet another hobby. Well, that lasted a few months and then I finally placed my first online order for a bunch of games. That was in early 2011 and it has been a downward slide into the gaming addiction as I proceeded to buy too many games and take too much interest in aquiring games and the board game industry in general. As a result, I wasn't having nearly has much fun and was worrying too much about the money being spent. Luckily, that has recently changed since I decided to take a step back in August 2012. I decided that I had too many games that just weren't getting played (or had never even been opened) and that I needed to stop, downsize, and focus on playing the games that I already had, liked, and wanted to play more. I am now having more fun again and worrying less about the acutal games my my collection, although I am constantly forcing myself not to buy anything new and am continually trying to reduce my collection. My little game group still gets together every week and I have been trying to find others in my area to meet up with to play games. For me, this hobby is all about meeting new people, PLAYING GAMES, and just having fun now!

Beyond Games
I'm interested in more than just games. Here are some of my other hobbies:
BEER! I post my beer ratings on I also homebrew...
Russian Kettlebell and Bulgarian Bags
Hiking and Backpacking
Letterboxing - My AQ Profile
Loose Leaf Tea (Lapsang Souchong is a personal favorite!)

I've only been active on BGG for a short time, so here are links to my feedback on other sites:
eBay Feedback
RateBeer Trade History
BGG Marketplace Rating
BGG Trade Rating

Game Likes
Categories: Eurogames
Mechanisms: Rondels, Trick-Taking, Worker Placement
Playing Time: Moderate (around 90 minutes or so is my threshold)
Qualities: Unique Theme, Great Artwork

Game Dislikes
Categories: Miniatures, War Games, Amerithrash
Mechanisms: Negotiation, Commodity Speculation, Stock Holding, Auctions, Drafting
Playing Time: Anything greater than 2 hours!
Themes: Zombies (for the most part)

Purchasing Criteria
Costs less than $50 (ideally less than $35)
Must support a minimum of 2 players
Play time must be less than 90 minutes (ideally less than 60 minutes)
Solo play is a huge bonus
No exclusives (I no longer seek out promo items or expansions)

I use the BGG suggested ratings guidelines for rating games.
mb OUTSTANDING - Always want to play; a favorite.
d10-9 EXCELLENT - Always want to play.
d10-8 VERY GOOD - Like to play; will probably suggest it.
d10-7 GOOD - Usually willing to play.
d10-6 FAIR - Some fun or challenge; will play occasionally.
d10-5 AVERAGE - No significant appeal; take it or leave it.
d10-4 BELOW AVERAGE - Slightly boring, but might play on occasion.
d10-3 POOR - Likely won't play it again, but could be convinced.
d10-2 VERY POOR - Annoying; no plans to play it again.
d10-1 TERRIBLE - Refuse to play; the game is broken.

Favorite Games
1vp Troyes - This is probably my favorite game of all, but unfortunately, I rarely get to play it since it's pretty deep and intense dice worker placement game that isn't the easiest to explain and can take some time to play...
Alien Frontiers + Alien Frontiers: Factions - Fun and moderately easy dice worker placement game; the expansion actually makes the game better, so be sure to play with it as well.
Castles of Burgundy - Tile placement Euro with just a little bit of dice rolling.
Finca - Large chunks of bright and colorful wooden fruit combined with super easy game play makes this game approachable by ANYBODY, yet contains some deep strategy; every gamer should own this game!
Hemloch - Strategic 2-player card game with some area control.
Innovation - Fantastic, innovative, and unique card-based civilization-building game.
Legacy: Gears of Time - Really unique strategic card game that invokes time travel to establish and influence technologies; definitely has a Back to the Future type of feel; by the way, adding the board to the game was my idea!
Omen: A Reign of War - The flagship card game from Small Box Games that is packed with card combinations, combat, and tons of variability; this is NOT a CCG, so everything you need to play with 2-4 players is in the box!
Village - Not really a worker placement game, but similar with lots of cube-pushing and resource management.
Walnut Grove - Easy to teach and fun tile-laying game that also includes a rondel-like mechanic for choosing actions.
Yspahan - Interesting and solid dice selection and area control game that is overlooked due to it's age.

In addition to my favorites listed above, I also recommend the following games to people looking for something different:
1vp Finca - Everybody should own this game. It's great for friends and family, gamers and non-gamers. This would have been "Game of the Year 2009" and would be sold today in Target stores if it had a different name and better box cover!
Airships - This game uses averaging dice (typically used in war games) and quick to teach and easy to understand.
Chronicle - Great trick-taking game, but needs a minimum of 3 players.
Dixit/Dixit 2/Dixit: Oddyssey/Dixit: Journey - Dixit is one of the best party games to engage friends and family, even if they are not gamers at all.
Friday - I am not a fan of deck-building games since most of them feel like several people sitting around the table playing their own game, so this one is perfect since it's a SOLO deck-building game and it works REALLY well.
Keltis: Das Kartenspiel - Lost Cities with a few twists and supports 2-4 players.
Lost Cities - Elegant 2-player game that is my wife's favorite game (and she is NOT a gamer).
PAX - Kind of a cross between Biblios and 7 Wonders, but better than either and can be played solo.
Takenoko - Another good game for friends and family; especially good for playing with a non-gamer wife/girlfriend.
The Boss - Interesting deduction and area-control game.
Utopia Engine - FANTASTIC solo print and play; only requires 2-sheets of paper, a pencil, and 2d6 dice to play!

If you're interested in solo games, also check out my Solo Games Recommended by SHIGADEYO list...

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Top 10
#1: Troyes
#2: The Castles of Burgundy
#3: Innovation
#4: Legacy: Gears of Time
#5: Lewis & Clark
#6: Village
#7: Snowdonia
#8: PAX
#9: Chronicle
#10: Finca
Hot 10
#1: Discoveries
#2: Cacao
#3: The Grizzled
#4: Innovation Deluxe
#5: Mottainai
#6: My Village
#7: Gold West
#8: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#9: Dark Tales
#10: Spookies
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