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Max Jamelli
United States
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I am a hobbyist designer. I've collaborated with my father on Lords of Baseball and a separate football themed CDG. My main design goal is to see Lords of Baseball published. You can read all about Lords of Baseball here on BGG.

Click here for the Lords of Baseball BGG Page

I am a second generation board gamer. My dad started playing board games with me and I've enjoyed playing many different style games over the years. My dad grew up on Avalon Hill games. I have a couple from his collection now. The latest gaming venture my dad and I have undertaken is to design a game. It's actually much more of my dad's vision than mine, but I have hopefully improved on his initial thoughts. It's called Lords of Baseball and the BGG link to it's page is above. We've had a wild roller coaster ride with this and learned an awful lot about many things design and publisher related.

I have a son who is now 6 years old and will play racing games with me. It's so fun to watch him roll dice and move his car around a track. There's nothing quite like it when he asks me "daddy, can we play a game?" in his little voice.

I'll try any game once as long as someone is patient enough to teach me. I call myself an omnigamer, but I do tend to enjoy euro-y stuff more. I'm not a huge Wargame fan, although I do enjoy conflict games. I'm also a big economic games fan.

My top ten is a list of my top ten favorite games to play. My hot ten is a continuation of sorts to make a top 20.

Derek's First Boardgame!

Derek and Dad in October 2010

Derek and Mom can't beat Daddy in Cuba

Daddy and Derek in North Carolina, Summer 2012

My Boardgaming Blog

I used a tool from Matt Gray to create this graph.

Interpreting the graph
The overall size of the gray blob is an indicator of how well the games selected fit in the clusters.
The right side is Eurogames and the left side is Amerigames. The specific varieties of Euros and Amerigames are labeled on the axes. A blob skewed to the right represents a more Eurogame game or gamer, to the left more of an Amerigame(r). Up and down seem to be correlated with game 'weight' or approachability. Up is 'lighter', down is 'heavier'.

Approximate meanings of the clusters
Euro-1: Core Eurogames, like Puerto Rico.

Euro-2:Family Eurogames, typically lighter, like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride.

Euro-3: Heavy Eurogames, such as El Grande or Tigris & Euphrates.

Ameri-1:New style American games, typically with lots of plastic miniatures.

Ameri-2: Wargames.

My father and I at my sister's wedding

There are the sports teams I root for.

BGG Milestones:
100th logged play: Air Baron December 2003
250th logged play: Air Baron January 2005
500th logged play: Tikal July 2008
750th logged play: Blokus January 2009
1000th logged play: Cuba July 2009
1250th logged play: Scripes and Scribes variant December 2009 (NYE in Orlando)
1500th logged play: Attika May, 2010
1750th logged play: Stone Age, February 2011
2000th logged play: Union Pacific, September 2011
2500th logged play: Campaign Manager 2008
2750th logged play: tbd

Some questions that may build into a BGG mission statement:

Why do you game?
ah, the eternal question why. Honestly, I don't think I can give a fair answer because there are so many reasons. The feeling of doing something fun with your family and friends, the tension of "will I get that tile or piece I need, will so-and-so buy into that land before I can, if this happens and I do this I may win", but mostly because it's a hobby that continues to grow and hopefully continues to get better and better.

What types of games do you prefer?
I prefer economic games and am mostly a Eurogamer, but I've always said I'd play anything as long as someone was patient enough to teach me. That said, I don't think I'll be playing ASL or POG anytime soon. War games just don't appeal to me. That's not to say I don't enjoy combat games. I think Air Baron is the closest hybrid to a war game/eurogame that I've played and it was the game that broke me into the hobby.

Where do you game?
Wherever. Online, at home, on the road. I've gamed at friends houses, at my parents house, at my in-laws houses, anywhere I can. I've started to bring board games into my classroom (I teach) and I try to incorporate them into different lessons when I can.

Who do you game with? etc.
Pretty much whoever wants to play. Mostly friends and family. I started out playing monopoly, Clue, Scotland Yard, etc with my sister and dad. My mother would play party games like Charades but had no interest in the boards. In High School I got some of my friends to meet up with my dad and I for Air Baron night. In college, I introduced some card games like Family Business to my Fraternity brothers and after college I continued to game with my dad. I am married now and my wife is a gamer as is most of her family, so we'll play together. I also met a few new friends through BGG who get together as well.

Then there's the whole online world, where I'll play Tikal, Carcassonne, Power Grid, Notre Dame, etc with people I've never met before.

What's the deal with the avatar?
I originally used a gif file of the logos of my favorite sports teams - the New York Yankees, Chicago Bears, and Michigan Wolverines football team along with the crest of my Fraternity - which is part of my online name. Then I started buying microbadges, and as one who really never has a lot of GG at any one time, buying all the ones I really wanted became tough. So, I improvised and put them in my avatar. The list:

First slide:
1. Avalon Hill fan
2. 1960 MotP fan (blue)
3. BSW player
4. Dog lover
5. 1960 MotP fan (red)
6. Carcassonne fan
7. My Wife beats me
8. I keep my rankings accurate
9. Gamer til death
10. Notre Dame (the game) fan
11. SBW player
12. Rio Grande Games fan

Second Slide:

1. Eurogamer
2. Baseball fan
3. Dog Lover
4. Michigan Wolverines fan
5. Economic Games fan
6. I play with Blue indigobluetraind10-3
7. Power Grid fan
8. Eurogamer
9. Chicago Bears fan
10. Photoshop user
11. I play with my spouse
12. WBC Attendee

Third Slide:

1. Graphic Designer
2. Online Gamer
3. Film Buff
4. Friedemann Friese fan
5. Weuro / Waro (Euro-Wargame) Fan
6. Z-man games fan
7. Dreamweaver user
8. Vegas Showdown fan
9. I smell new games
10. Wooden Cube lover
11. I'd rather be playing boardgames!
12. Facebook user

Random Video

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Registration Date: 2004-04-17
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Country: flag United States
State: Pennsylvania
Town/City: Chambersburg
Website: http://kitchentablegames.blogspot.com/
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Top 10
#1: Air Baron
#2: Lords of Baseball
#3: Cuba
#4: Vegas Showdown
#5: Stone Age
#6: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#7: The Manhattan Project
#8: Ground Floor
#9: Union Pacific
#10: March Madness
Hot 10
#1: Power Grid
#2: Nations: The Dice Game
#3: Brew Crafters
#4: Vikings
#5: Attika
#6: Five Tribes
#7: Thunder Alley
#8: El Capitán
#9: Santiago de Cuba
#10: Founding Fathers
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