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I started a Blog!

My passion for games was seeded in playing Crossbows and Catapults as a kid. Add some years of the American standards (Monopoly, Battleship, etc..), some video games, and some D&D in high school. My college years were quiet game wise, but the study of architecture and design has certainly fed my recent passion for games. I'm always intrigued by the design and mechanics of modern games. The balance of theme and mechanic is always a pleasure to experience much like architecture's balance between form and function or structure and material. I love games for the beauty and design, but most of all for the game experience. I'm not afraid to try any game, and will never turn down a chance to play!

Other than games, I love to fence. Foil is my weapon of choice. They often call fencing "physical chess," and the more I play games, the more I realize that fencing is much like a heavy euro. The brain works just as hard...the exercise is a nice bonus.

I rate games based on the BGG rating criteria.

My "Hot Games" are ones that I can't get enough of lately. They may even be unreleased games that I've never played but look forward to trying ASAP.

Recently played Games:

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