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Steffan O'Sullivan
United States
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"... whack 'em, and whack 'em, and whack 'em!" cried the Toad in ecstasy, running round and round the room, and jumping over the chairs.
The smell of that buttered toast simply talked to Toad, and with no uncertain voice; talked of warm kitchens, of breakfasts on bright frosty mornings, of cosy parlour firesides on winter evenings ... of the purring of contented cats...
Here's a link to My RPG designer/author page

"Hot 10" Games: I'm going to redefine this to mean an alphabetical list of what I consider to be Ten Excellent Gateway Board Games. (A "gateway" game is a game to introduce potential boardgamers to the joys of boardgaming.) Since I'm not sure what "Hot 10" really means, and I think we need lists to indoctrinate brainwash convert introduce new people to the hobby, I'll use it for that purpose.

"Personal Top 10" Games: I'm very much a mood gamer, so can't really list my Top Ten games. It may change tomorrow. However, I have listed a few that seem most frequently to represent my favorite game in various categories (the numbers don't mean rank, simply categories):

#2: my favorite Euro game;
#3: my favorite long Euro game;
#4: my favorite word game;
#5: my favorite two-player wargame;
#6: my favorite three-player game;
#7: my favorite abstract AND "gateway" game (2 categories in 1!);
#8: my favorite fantasy-themed game; and
#9: my favorite game designed by Reiner Knizia.
#10: my favorite miniatures game

But in reality, my favorite game of all time isn't on the geek. It was The String Game with Ivan and Gus, which I played with my last two cats. I can't have cats where I currently live, and I really miss them.

My avatar: Currently, of course, it's Toad from The Wind in the Willows as drawn by Ernest H. Shepard, one of my favorite characters in all literature. I use it to remind myself not to take myself too seriously. The quotation is from Rat's description of Toad: "Perhaps he's not very clever -- we can't all be geniuses; and it may be that he is both boastful and conceited. But he has got some great qualities, has Toady." That seems to fit me - at least, I hope I have some great qualities, unless, of course, that's the boastful and conceited part showing through ...

In the past I've used a Fudge die as my avatar (I invented Fudge dice):

But when the geek became fairly hostile a few years ago, I switched to the Japanese kanji for "light" as written by Mokichi Okada, a spiritual master I admire:

In this case, "light" meaning as opposed to darkness, an attempt to bring harmony to my mood as I read BGG. It helped some. Now I mostly hang out on RPG Geek, which is much friendlier than BGG, so I've put it on hold.

On my presence at geekdo: I find it impossible to keep up with the content, so will only dabble. Do not expect that I will have read any given page on the geek.

I like to trade games. It satisfies that "new game itch" without overburdening my shelves. Yes, it's expensive in terms of shipping, but this is my hobby, not my business. (In addition to complete games, I'm always looking to trade for wooden Risk pieces. I don't want the Risk boards or boxes, but love the old wooden pieces.)

To use a d20 in Fudge:

█ 20: +3
██ 18,19: +2
████ 14-17: +1
██████ 8-13: 0
████ 4-7: -1
██ 2,3: -2
█ 1: -3

Crit success: on 20, reroll: crit success on 16-20.
Crit failure: on 1, reroll: crit failure on 1-5.

Microbadges: I'm not a good graphic designer, but I did design some which you can see at:

In addition, a number of microbadges were designed at my request. These include:

mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb
mb mb mb mb

My thanks to those who designed them, since my "talents" could not do them justice!

Education: I have formally studied (with links to my almae matres)

* History at Oakland University
* Pre-med at The University of Texas
* Massage Therapy at The East West College of Massage
* Theatre at Dell'Arte School of Mime & Comedy (who have since changed their name), and
* Transpersonal Psychology at The Synthesis Center.

Informally studied? Whoosh! - too much to list - most anything except hard sciences. I like to learn things.

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Top 10
#1: N/A
#2: El Grande
#3: Roads & Boats
#4: Scrabble
#5: The Napoleonic Wars
#6: San Marco
#7: Ta Yü
#8: War of the Ring (first edition)
#9: Medici
#10: Song of Blades and Heroes
Hot 10
#1: Blokus
#2: Can't Stop
#3: Carcassonne
#4: River Dragons
#5: Elfenland
#6: Lord of the Rings
#7: O Zoo le Mio
#8: Catan
#9: Ta Yü
#10: Tikal
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