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David Foster
United States
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Priorities in my life: Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior 1st
My Beautiful wife and family 2nd
Gaming Gaming Gaming 3rd

You can also find me on Geekdo. I have a list of the RPGs I am into. Welcome, and feel free to email me. I like meeting new gamers.

Currently as of 2009 my hot games are POTSM, Roborally, MEM '44, Betreyal, WH40k ORKs!, Bloodbowl!, Heroclix, Spirit of the Century, and Hollow Earth Expedition.
I have recently started getting into RPGs, and I really enjoy SOTCs fast and fun game play.

History :I am a big fan of Avalon Hill from growing up in the 60's. I used to dream of owning every Book Shelf war game they made. I have Starship Troopers, Luftwaffe, Panzer Blitz. I have been collecting old board games at thrift shops and antique stores. I have some of the original Milton Bradley American Heritage series games: Battle Cry, DogFight, Broadside, Hit the Beach.
But, I pretty much love a game if its fun, has engaging artwork and rules, regardless if its a war game or monolopy. If its got counters, a board, and a box with cool artwork, I'm there.
I also happen to love this website. I stumbled on it while researching an old game I remembered from my childhood. The game was Why? -an Alfred Hitchcock mystery game. Its very simple and juvenile, but as a kid I loved it, and the artwork was fantastic. My brother bought it for me on ebay for my birthday last year.
Anyway, that's me as far as gaming goes. There's just something about sitting across from another person,(usually my brother)and battling it out for ultimate victory.
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Top 10
#1: Pirates of the Spanish Main
#2: RoboRally
#3: Betrayal at House on the Hill
#4: Blood Bowl: Living Rulebook
#5: Memoir '44
#6: HeroClix
#7: Zombie Plague
#8: Monsters Menace America
#9: Broadside
#10: Battle-Cry
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