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Jason Clague
New Zealand
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I can see my house from here!

I'm from New Zealand, and my wife (mb) and I were introduced to this new world of gaming early 2008 when my brother-in-law bought us this strange game called 'The Settlers Of Catan'. We were immediately hooked, and went out and bought an expansion, and the 5-6p extension, and then another expansion, and extension, and... well, you get the idea. After about 18 months of playing nothing but Settlers, we finally had all the expansions and we could finally move on and try some different games!

I am one of the co-ordinators for a local gaming group (Waikato Boardgamers) that meets monthly here in Hamilton. This year we have had some people create extra weekly meetups as well, so there are generally several options for gaming any given week, which is great. This has enabled us to try a large number of different games.

We both have been helping out this year as volunteer staff at 'BoardGames By The Bay' - a series of weekend gaming events held around the country. The next one is in Auckland this month, November 22nd and 23rd. I quite enjoy teaching games, it's great to see people having a great time discovering new games.


In 2012 we were lucky enough to visit the gaming Mecca that is Essen, Germany. We had an amazing six-week holiday where we visited the USA (Chicago and New York), then all around Germany, then Perth (Australia) on the way home. We went a bit crazy buying games in Essen, but then again we aren't likely to be back that way for a while!

Here is a list of what we came back from Essen 2012 with.


The other development of the couple of years is that I have discovered Kickstarter. I got a bit caught up in it before Essen - there were so many good games offering good prices for 'Essen Pickup'. The first thing we did when we got to Spiel was to rush around picking up all the preorders, and after less than an hour in the Halls we had to go back to our accommodation to do some emergency weighing of all the games we had already picked up! I have continued with Kickstarter since, I enjoy feeling involved with the project, and watching as the stretch rewards get unlocked. So, a tip for Santa - if you plan to get something not on my wishlist, be sure to check my preorder list in case I have it coming already!


Oh and I have also become hopelessly addicting to sleeving my games (mb). I like that they stay all nice and crisp, and I think they are much easier to shuffle with sleeves. It all started innocently enough, sleeving Dominion - and now I am the type of person who has a stock of about 17 different sizes of sleeves. I am beyond help... shake


I started logging games on Sep 18, 2009, and have created the following two geeklists with a record of the first crazy two years:
My Descent Into Madness - One Year of Recorded Plays
Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Year Two of Recorded Plays
Sadly we don't get the same number of games played these days!

Recently played games:

The Big Players (over 100 plays) - as of 11-NOV-2014
Dominion - 455 plays (all with the actual game, not electronic versions)
Pandemic - 210 plays
Carcassonne - 141 plays
Ticket to Ride: Europe - 118 plays
Alhambra - 114 plays
7 Wonders - 103 plays

The only reason Settlers isn't here is because I wasn't logging plays when I was playing non-stop Settlers in the early days.

Also, note that for Carcassonne, TTR:E and Alhambra - most of the plays above came in the 'second phase' after moving on from Catan to games like this, but while we still had a small collection. We still play these games, but nowhere near as much. The games in the above list still going strong are Dominion, Pandemic and 7 Wonders.


Click here to see our wishlist!

My Hot10
These are the top games from my wishlist. Really, anything on the whole wishlist would be awesome to have - these are all so close they are hard to rank!

Some observations of what we seem to like in games:
Components (lots of and wooden)! Settlers, Agricola etc
Pretty artwork. Seems a silly thing to want if it doesn't affect the game, but we don't seem to get excited about games so much if the artwork is a bit meh. I can't get excited about Puerto Rico at all, but the new Anniversary Edition - now that's a different story!
Multiple paths to Victory. I like being able to approach the game from different directions, try out a different approach from my opponents.
Hidden Scoring. Games like Ticket to Ride, where you get some points during the game and reveal more at the end. In games with fully open scoring, the end result sometimes feels like a foregone conclusion.
Plays with two. As a couple, we have more opportunities to play with 2 than anything else. 2-player variants is fine though, as in Settlers, Endeavor and Alhambra.
Expandable. I love expansions, and the variability these bring to games. mb. Almost half of our collection here on BGG is expansions!
Theme. Theme really helps us enjoy a game. I don't care if it's "pasted on", or if it sounds like the most boring theme in the world. Abstracts are so much harder for us to enjoy.


I'm also a great fan of 'pimping' my games. (mb) I love embellishing then with fellow BGGers amazing contributions. My biggest project to date has been my Dominion Storage Box and Play Mat, for which I was lucky enough to win this: mb


Ranking Games
I rank my games using the scale provided by BGG, which is to say a combination of how good the game is with how much I want to play it. Within each group, I then have tried to go through and order them so none have the same exact ranking - which gives some weird looking rankings like 6.72, but it hopefully reflects a true rank from my perspective. I only rank games I have played, usually at least three times. I have given up ranking expansions. Click here to see a list of games I have ranked, sorted by rating.

My Top10
These are the games I have ranked the highest at the moment.


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Town/City: Hamilton
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Top 10
#1: Le Havre
#2: Dominion
#3: Endeavor
#4: Pandemic
#5: 7 Wonders
#6: Power Grid: Factory Manager
#7: Ground Floor
#8: Kingdom Builder
#9: Among the Stars
#10: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
Hot 10
#1: Kingdom Builder
#2: String Railway
#3: Istanbul
#4: Bruges
#5: Star Realms
#6: TransAmerica
#7: Glass Road
#8: AquaSphere
#9: Galaxy Trucker
#10: Indigo
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