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Dear Mini Print-and-Play Santa:
Thank you so much for the games! I really look forward to playing them this Christmas. Your elves really hit the mark, as LNOE and Carcassonne are two of my favorite games, so I know I'll enjoy Escape of the Dead Minigame and Micropul. Thanks again!

Dear BGG Secret Santa:

Thank you so much for the games! I'm really looking forward to playing Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, and Hive Pocket will allow me to play Hive at lunchtime. I'll post pictures soon.

About me:

40-something husband and father living in Austin, TX. Yes, I'm one of those tech workers that so many residents complain about, but I've been here for twenty years and I'm not from California. At least I'm not a hipster. I don't play board games anywhere near enough because my kids aren't really into them.

I was on a Kickstarter binge for a while, and I'm getting a bunch of new games from it, but I have to admit that about half of them are duds.

If you live in Austin, TX, check out the gaming groups on Meetup.com.

My taste in games is pretty varied, I like to think. Worker placement, hand management, drafting, bidding, area control ... I like them all, and I appreciate have a variety in my collection. I also really like games that are thematic, because then I feel immersed in the game. I also really appreciate quality components and great artwork. To wit, Francis Drake is one of my favorite games.

However, there are a few genres that I don't like. I'm not fond of party games (e.g. Charades, Dixit, Story War) and hidden role games (e.g. Werewolf). My family played Werewolf for a week straight last Christmas, and I'm sick of it now. I'm also picky about co-op games, although I have a few of them.

I also enjoy "modding" games with home-brew upgrades, although I rarely have time to any of that. I'd love to find time to paint my Last Night On Earth minis, and I'm also working on a custom Dominion storage box. I have access to a laser cutter, so I'd really like to be able to make boxes for some of my games. I've even written some Python programs to assist me in some areas. You can find some of my projects on https://github.com/timur-tabi.

I have so many games still in shrink wrap (even from previous Santas!) that this year all I would be more than happy to get one or two expansions for games that I already have and know how to play. In fact, please ignore the $50 minimum -- I would be more than happy to receive just one small expansion. However, I do know some Santas really want to give a full game, so I added a few "looks really awesome" games to my wishlist.

You'll notice my wishlist doesn't specify a priority. Although it's true that I would like any of these expansion, the real reason is that I want you to choose one that you like the most. I want to be able to connect with my Santa through games.

Alternatively, I'd like a subscription to a print magazine, like Spielbox.

My list of owned and pre-ordered games is always up-to-date, so if you think there is something I would like and it's not on my list, then you know I don't have it.

If you want to shop at a local game store, I'm proud to say that my FLGS is Dragon's Lair, which is the second largest game store in the country! I also frequent Emerald Tavern, although it's much smaller.

Finally, I know that many people are struggling for cash, so I would happily accept a game that you have already opened (please make sure the pieces and cards are in mint condition, so that they're indistinguishable from each other). I am blessed that I can afford to be a generous Santa myself, so I fully expect to give more than I receive this year regardless.


This is my first year in the MPnP Secret-Santa, and so I don't really know what to do or what to expect. Take a look at the games I have and the games I want, and you can get a idea of what kind of game to make for me. Really, I'm not picky. Also take a look at the games I've played but don't have or wish for to get an idea of the games that I don't like.

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