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Hello again Santa!

Just opened your last package yesterday. I had tucked it aside with the rest of the Christmas mail, saving it for the big day! I'd actually thought the package was from my brother-in-law, until he said all his packages were accounted for. So on Christmas morning, it was a big mystery

The chocolates were quickly passed around for tastes, and the games look great! I've play Hey, That's My Fish before at a games con and know it's a great one. And the Train game looks particularly good for one of my gaming groups - looking forwards to playing it.

Thanks for the bonus package, it was a lot of fun.

Hope your holidays were fantastic!



And one more quick update:
401 games gave me a call yesterday, thanks for following up with them. There's no problem on making the swap, and they've set aside a copy of Fire & Ice to make sure I get it. They'll also give me a discount to make up for the hassle.

The also offered to cover the shipping both ways, but I think that's just as much work for me as it would be to take a short trip downtown. And it would be much less fun.

My partner and I have a date tonight to play Castles of Burgundy, once our toddler is asleep.

Happy Holidays,



Dear Speedy-Santa!

My post in the Look what Secret Santa sent me... thread it up. Thank-you thank-you thank-you.
(I have to admit, it was a shock to receive the box even before I've chosen what to send to my 2015 target! I've been geekmailing with him through the Santa account and have *almost* chosen what to send.)

A quick note, I already have Mystica... I'm assuming you meant to send the Fire & Ice expansion (not sure if it changed at the order stage or at the games store), so I'm going to head over to 401games to make the swap sometime in the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, I've opened Castles of Burgundy, prepped all the pieces, and done the first pass through the rules. Very excited to play it!

Thanks a million times,



Dear Santa,

2015 has generally been a good year for me, even through the challenges. I went back to work after a year of maternity leave, and it's been a learning curve for how to be a working parent. It's difficult to balance parenting, work, and the normal responsibilities of being an adult... I have to admit that my boardgaming has suffered and I don't play as often as I'd like to.

For gaming, the last couple years have been more focused on 2-4 player games as I've haven't been hosting big games nights anymore. My partner and I play our favorite games quite often; our more recent favorites are Terra Mystica and Jaipur. We just started Pandemic Legacy with a best couple-friends, so I expect that to be the focus of our November and December gaming. We lost our first Legacy game and are itching to try again.

I also play solitaire games. I find it relaxing, and it means I can get some gaming in without bugging my partner. Faves include Friday, At the Gates of Loyang, and Ghost Stories (on the iPad).

Some wishlist logistics:
- I've written a short note for every item on my wishlist, to help you get to know my gaming tastes.
- I don't have any "must haves" because I don't want to feel like I'm ordering a present.
- "Love to have" are games and expansions that I've done a lot of research on, and think that I'd really enjoy.
- The "Like to have" category is a little counter intuitive - this category is probably lower in interest than "thinking about it" but it's also a safer bet. These are expansions and games that I've played, or add to games I already own, or that I've researched a lot, but are lower priority than the "love to have" category. Some of these are filling specific niches in my game collection, such as games that I can play with my inlaws.
- "Thinking about it" is where I note games that have piqued my interest for some reason or another, but which I don't know too much about.
- "Don't buy this" includes games that I own on the iPad, or that one of my sisters' own. My sisters also love boardgames and have fairly extensive collections to play from.

I track my collection on BGG, including previously owned games. So that's up to date. I try to track my plays, but I haven't been doing a good job with it this year and I know there are large gaps.

Finally, if you're the type of Santa who likes to go off-list, then please do! I know that there are lots of a great games out there to discover, and I welcome the adventure. Sometimes the games that I thought I wanted aren't really for me (like Galaxy Trucker), and sometimes I randomly end up with a gem through a math trade or something (like Tigris & Euphrates, or Loyang).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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