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The hot 10 are the games I want to play.

As far as I can recall, cardboard and bits have been a staple of my childhood. I remember the great memories and the fun I have had with my childhood friends playing many classics games which I do not owned such as Monopoly, Cluedo and etc. Well as time passes, life happens, and other leisure activities eclipsed the dusted cardboard boxes – those are the dark ages of boardgaming in my life. Not until in 2007, when I was reintroduced to the hobby, have i realized that I have been missing out the amazing landscapes of boardgames that have been transformed by the eurogames that emerged in the late nineties and early 2000s. The game that blew me away was Citadel by Bruno Faidutti. I began to seek out other games and the sheeer amount of information online is just mind-boggling. There are just too many games out there with too little time.

Fast forward to present, games owned > 300.

I have lived in Kulala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Minneapolis, London (UK), Vancouver, and now Sydney (Australia) . Love those friendly local stores in these cities.

I find it unhelpful to label a gamer Ameritrasher or eurogamer or RPGers... instead I appreciate how gaming could bring people from cross sections of society together. I have met so many new friends through this hobby. Having made my point, I do see a specific design ethos in German, French, Italian and Asian schools in games. I have my preferences of a particularly style in games which could be evident from a quick glance at my collections.

I was part of Vancouvers BGG guild (Canada) and now Northside Gamers Guild (Sydney North shore, Australia).

On 2013, I set up the online store Advent Games. Advent games store was transferred to a friend in Jan 2016.

Somehow, the gaming never ends.
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