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Thinking about my next move.
So, if my only options are these, then I shall...

Well, I was born, in 1981, and raised in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, and still live here. Curitiba is the state capital and biggest city in the state, with a population of over 1.7 million people. In my earlier years I studied in a school near my home (just one block) and my games happened mostly in the street: playing soccer, tag, betes (which is sort of a baseball, but with the ball being rolled in the street and not thrown), marbles and other activities. I also played Stratego, War (which is a variant of Risk, and it manages to be even worst), Button Soccer, ChampCross (think PitchCar, but played in a track made in the sand and using a cap of a bottle as "car"), and several others. But I mostly prefer, at this time, to play outdoors.

Then I went a military school, studying only with men. Not the best way to meet girls, but, it was indeed a fine school, and sure was a good way to have friends to play with. But it wasn't until 1995 (14 years old) that I started actually playing. But not board games. I was in a RPG group, playing Advanced Fighting Fantasy (the gamebooks fever was starting around here around two years ealier) with Dungeoneer and Blacksand!. From this time foward, I never truly left playing RPG. But this group, though it resistied for a while, couldn't deal with separation: some of them went to a military college, and I went to a federal college: the Universidade Federal do Paraná (Federal University of Parana). I had a major in Public Relations, and, afterwards, another one in Journalism. But this matter little.

Was is indeed important is that I manage to get another RPG group going, this time playing AD&D. I had another group "on the side", and with them I played, in the years to come, well, almost everything: Storyteller, AD&D, D&D 3rd Ed., Call of Cthulhu, Falkenstein, Gurps, and many others, some home-brewed. This went on up until 2006. I had a job, working with communications for a non-profit organization (Centro Urbano-Rural Irmã Araújo / Urban-Rural Center Sister Araujo) that helped workers to get a better formation, doing courses, seminars, workshops, and such. I teach photography, how to use RPG in education, writing for radio and newspapers, and others. And was around this time that a friend of mine,
Jorge Enomoto
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returned from a six months trip to Canada. In Canada he had played a zombie board game, unlike anything we had known to exist. Another friend of mine, Eduardo, was excited about it (we do like some B zombie movies, as we watched them together and, oh, the laughs), and bought it online. The game was: Zombies!!!. And, not only this, but, while looking for it, right here on the Geek, the same friend found another game that caught his attention: Arkham Horror, since he and I were (and still are) Lovecraft fans.

And wow, how much did we played these games! Arkham Horror took us by storm, and we played almost every night (Eduardo and I were neighbours back then) and two, three times in the weekend. Zombies!!! we also played a lot, but not even close as much as Arkham Horror. To these two another one was added: Cults Across America. For some time these were it.

Then another friend,
Gustavo Vazquez
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was back from passing a long time in Europe. He brought with him some games: Alhambra, Yspahan, Aquaretto, Blue Moon City, Caylus, Sylla and Warrior Knights (the old edition). So my mind exploded many times. But I still wans't really in board gaming. I didn't own a single one (well, except those that don't count) and RPG was my main stay in games. As lifed passed, in a few more years, RPG sessions became rare and far between. Job, family, moving to other cities, and things like these made close to impossible to keep a campaign (and I'm not fond of one-shots). So, in 2010, Gustavo called me and asked: "Hey, do you want to play something? I'm going to some dude's house and I don't want to go alone!" We didn't know this person, but he had invited people to come over and play. He turned out to be:
Luiz Cláudio Duarte
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Quartel-Mestre da Confraria Lúdica

In that day we played Civilization and Dune. Not really what one could say was "new generation of board games", but still they were great! And this started it all.

I started to buy games and to pass more and more time on BGG. I started cursing the taxes that customs applies to board game (60% of the whole price and the price of shipping!). I learned about a great thing called sleeves (a must when you pay, you know, the price of the game + 60% + credit cards taxes + paypal taxes + things + other things). I followed orders in the Post Office website. And most of all I played. A lot.

Luiz manage to get in touch with many players in the city and formed what once was the Confraria Ludica forum. Problems with the forum made it close down. Also, because of family, marriage and some other issues, Luiz drifted apart for the community he basically started. However, this community was strong enough to keep walking without him.

We started a new forum: Curitiba Ludica, where I'm a moderator, and a guil here on BGG: Curitiba Ludica. A blog:Curitiba Ludica. Also, we kept going with a bi-monthly event: Curitiba Ludica (we don't change names all that much, as you can see), which gathers around 80 to 120 people, and it is on its way to its 20th showing.

Also, in 2013, two friends and I did some videos for the Meeple Show, and you can see them Meeple Show. I'm the one with the shorter hair. It was awesome fun to do them, but we stopped because of off-camera problems. We still want to do more videos, but time is getting the best on us, and, so far, nothing.

I do participate around BGG a lot: I did over 100 reviews, over 100 sessions reports and even made a competition: the Geek Minor League Championship, to respond to some talks that the Geek Madness should include more games. But the bigger part of my contributions were made in my native language: Portuguese. As I said, I did them for the brazilian community, to talk about the many great games that most around here don't know.

So now I work as a salesman in a tour operator, and play almost every wednesday (usually campaings, with game like Galaxy Defenders, Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition), Doom: The Boardgame, Gears of War: The Board Game and others) and friday night. And I hope it stays this way for a long time! Board games, for me, are a great way to challenge the mind and be around friends, and I can't get enough of them. BGG did became my social network (I do spend more time here than playing!) and this is definitely the best site on the web for me - specially because of the people, but not only, since the amount of stuff here is staggering.


I was Geek of the Week #469

You can see all my reviews here

You can see all my sessions reports here

You can see all my geeklists here


The Irregulars of Baker Street (2014) - From left to right: I, Gabriel, Perusso, Trentini, Pedro and Sherlock:

21ª Curitiba Ludica - december 6th 2014

My Top 30 Games as from Dec/2014:

30) Notre Dame
29) Lancaster
28) Incan Gold
27) Dungeon Lords
26) Last Will
25) Lord of the Rings: The Adventure Deck Game
24) Love Letter
23) Race for the Galaxy
22) Witch of Salem
21) For Sale

20) Troyes
19) San Marco
18) Caylus
17) Modern Art
16) Strasbourg
15) A Study in Emerald
14) Tigris & Euphrates
13) Egizia
12) Glory to Rome
11) Samurai

10) De Vulgari Eloquentia
9) Middle-Earth Quest
8) Cosmic Encounter
7) El Grande
6) War of the Ring
5) Ra
4) Sentinels of the Multiverse
3) Gears of War
2) Sherlock Holmes
1) Arkham Horror

And that is about it!

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Top 10
#1: Arkham Horror
#2: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
#3: Gears of War: The Board Game
#4: Sentinels of the Multiverse
#5: Ra
#6: Cosmic Encounter
#7: Middle-Earth Quest
#8: Samurai
#9: Glory to Rome
#10: A Study in Emerald
Hot 10
#1: Sentinels of the Multiverse
#2: Castellion
#3: Dungeon Roll
#4: Samurai Spirit
#5: Sylvion
#6: Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham
#7: For Sale
#8: Ticket to Ride
#9: Freedom: The Underground Railroad
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