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Tanel Jõeäär
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Here's a little (and always a bit incomplete) description of what type of games I like, genres and themes mixed.

While in the past I tried to get many people around the gaming table, to get my friends into boardgaming fever like myself, nowadays this has settled to 3-4 dedicated friends at boardgaming night home. Past year or two I have been organizing monthly boardgaming evenings at work, usually attracting 7-8 people with the all-time favorites being 7 Wonders and Power Grid.

Games I like
Currently I’m a big fan of Suburbia. Also I haven’t yet got sick of 7 Wonders (not even after those 138 plays).

Network Building games, commonly implemented by railroad games (theme I’m a big fan of). Honourable mentions: Railways of the World, crayon rail games (Russian Rails).

Worker and tile placement games, such as Caverna, Le Havre (but not Agricola - a bit overly complex) , Lords of Waterdeep (although theme feels it’s like glued on).

Civilization games, that don’t implement heavy war conflict / area control. Nations, Historia, Innovation (often very random but I don’t seem to grow tired of it).

Games themed in science fiction and space exploration (or space trade) that I don’t have many in my collection yet. Merchant of Venus, Alien Frontiers, Eminent Domain, Ascending Empires and Perry Rhodan have got my attention.

Generally, I like games of economic, transportation and civilization genre.

Games I don’t like
I used to be a big fan of Dominion (over 170 plays with different expansions), but that seems to be a thing in the past now, nor did I take up any other deck-building games (like Ascension) while I liked it, and Magic: The Gathering has never been a thing to me.

I don’t like games with dice luck in them. Having a strategy and failing to accomplish it in round-after-round of failed dice rolls is a real boardgaming nightmare to me. One of the examples here which I have played a couple of times is Stone Age.

Games that take too long time while being simple - Citadels.

Games where you have to think of several turns in advance. I usually like to think of maximum three turns ahead. Panamax where you have to plan whole trip through canal is hell.

Also I don’t like some games of deduction / bluffing or negotiation, such as Werewolf, Saboteur, Chinatown. Yet Love Letter I find fun and challenging little game.

I don’t like wargames and area control games. I can occasionally play Small World, but that’s about it.
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