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So... I found BGG in early 2005, after finding a gem of a game at my local Target store. That game is Pirates of the Spanish Main. I bought a pack for my son, and upon opening the pack, I found that there were different types of ships that you build to play the game. Well, I was hooked! So looking for everything I could find about the game, lead me to BBG!

I didn't join or become a member at the time. It wasn't till a group at needed someone to bid on an auction at BGG, that several people joined together to split the goodies if we won. I volunteered to do the bidding, and we won.

Later that year my Target store had another nice item for sale, The D&D Red Box. It was great, I got home, and looked through everything, and then invited each member of my family in to build their character with the storyline in the book. Once again, I was hooked. This time I found out that BGG had a new section that I never noticed before, RPGG!

One thing I must say, Everyone here at RPGG & BGG is always helpful when someone ask a question, or doesn't understand something about the item that they have interest in. It's a great community!

I began asking many questions about the D&D game, and then found a group roleplaying D&D, and decided to follow along with their story. That game was The Dark Council being run by Dave Bernazzani. Once again, I was hooked! As that game began winding down, others began to appear. I really enjoyed following the games, but never thought about being part of one.

In January 2012 several new things occurred. First, Dave announced the RPGG initiative. Which I was too late on any that I would have liked to try to play. Second, I bought the Pathfinder Beginner's Box, and Yes I became Hooked again. Eventually I was able to join a game, Unknown Ediology's Bloodsand Arena was winding down, and needed a replacement player. I was given the oppurtunity to join, and it has been a blast. Still wanting to play Pathfinder, I got a spot in Keith Koene's first time GMing here at RPGG, Black Fang's Dungeon. It's been an awesome way to get introduced to the game, and now hungry for more!

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