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Hallo, My name is Yannis, or was that tsondaboy? hmm.....

.....I am not sure any more what came first.

Avid wargamer that also loves heavy euros and can be convinced to play lighter games if the mood is right. I come from Greece, but currently living and working in Japan as a Geo-physicist (seismologist in common language). My first experience with war games was a card game based on WWI warships I got as a present when I was a kid. All through my school years I was a passionate WWII war planes modeler. Mostly liked Luftwaffe planes, but did make some models of their major allied rivals. My first war game, other than euro-games, was War at Sea (second edition) from Avalon Hill. I remember spending almost all weeks allowance in pocket money on it. I still have that copy of the game, the box covered with tape to hold it from falling apart, and play it once in an odd moon. I used to play that with my bother as a kid, but as soon as we got to high-school our gaming time declined. Both had to start preparing for the University entrance exams, so sleeping instead of playing games became priority. I hadn't played any game for a few years till a friend here in Japan put the bug in me again. We started with euro-games, settlers of catan to be precise, and gradually worked our way to heavier games. First war game I got, almost after a decade of drought, was the 50 years anniversary edition of Axis and Allies. At this point, I would like to make a parenthesis and say thank you to my wife for not dumping me back then, since we were still only dating. I remember putting her to sleep, go on playing and wake her up next morning to go for work, while we were still playing. Now like every other married man out there I have to sneak games through the door when she is out for shopping.
I have been living in Tokyo since 2002 and been organizing regular game days in the area since 2007. I am currently managing the JIGG Tokyo guild, where we mostly play euros and party games but I always try to drag someone down the wargame hole.

Japan's International Gamers Guild Tokyo (JIGG Tokyo)

Japan`s International Gamers Guild founded in 1992 by our spiritual leaders Steve Brown and Kevin a.k.a. greatpowers1, has been Japan's largest and longest running English speaking and bilingual gaming group.

We have a regular game day every weekend cycling around 4 different locations in the great Tokyo-Yokohama area.

If you are ever in Tokyo please join us for some games!

You can find more information about our current schedule either on our guild page above or on our meetup page:

JIGG Tokyo on meetup

Feel free to drop me a geekmail if you need any information regarding gaming in Tokyo. There are more than 100 groups in the area playing all different kinds of games.

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