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I have lots of early memories of Scrabble, Kings in the Corner, Upwords, Chessers, Spades, Rummikub and Rod Hockey. My mom said she had us (my sister and I) playing games as soon as we could hold cards in our hands.

1977ish cards with Grandpa Van in Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red)*!

Looking over my collection you'll see many games that I still have from my childhood. My mom bought a lot of them for us over the years, and I've now become "THE Keeper of the Games" (KOTG)© So my collection is greatly inflated by my entire family's pack rat tendencies

Somewhere in the early 80's ran headlong into Dungeons and Dragons (the Red Box).

One of the guys brought over a game called Axis & Allies, and then after we had a blast with that, found Ikusa (Shogun).

Other notable games during my high school years were Euchre, and Backgammon. My aunt and uncle introduced me to a game called Pente which I loved (actually still do!) and played quite a bit with mom (when I got tired of being destroyed in Scrabble by her).

College years, my D&D buddies and I got together when we could for Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP). A bit of backgammon, rummy and euchre here and there and that was about it. This was the beginning of my yondering away from gaming for a bit.

Went to grad school and had no time for gaming for a couple of years. Graduated and found a job. Got reacquainted with things like pleasure reading and having money.

Got particularly interested in gaming again due to a "friend" of mine telling me about "collectible games." This was around time Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was being released. Being very curious and missing gaming I thought I'll give this new (to me) TCG thingy a try what the heck! What's the worst that could happen?

Got hooked on the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars: Trading Card Game (we played many, many lunch time games in my cube on a tricked out PC monitor box). Round about the same time or just after, I learned about a game that was going to be released called HeroClix. A comics themed game with nifty little figures? I was a goner... Plastic crack, my friends, plastic crack.

2002 was a banner year for gaming for me. After discovering Clix and SW:TCG, I found BGG - looking for info on Shogun. I started reading about these interesting "German games." Eventually discovered Catan (actually started out with the Catan Card Game) and here I am!

I play with my aunt and uncle almost every weekend. We have played the heck out of Alhambra (and expansions), Settlers, Mahjong, Ticket to Ride (all of them), Friday the 13th, and Power Grid. I have gradually grown into really liking the more complicated games like Die Macher and Age of Steam. Da boy now plays with us quite a bit, he loves Survive: Escape from Atlantis!, Catan, and Quarriors! is the new hotness for him

I regularly play wit my homie, Cold_Fuzion - holla! - and participate in the Geek Guild of West Michigan and the Grand Rapids Area Boardgamers (GRAB).

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*My Grenatar! Thanks to the wonderful
tony baker
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Top 10
#1: Power Grid
#2: Alhambra
#3: Age of Steam
#4: Ra
#5: Catan
#6: Pandemic
#7: Puerto Rico
#8: Chicago Express
#9: Die Macher
#10: Tigris & Euphrates
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