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Dear Santa,

Here is an updated profile, just for you

I am:
1. 31 years old
2. A former Brooklynite
3. A former 8th grade math teacher (Gramercy NYC)
4. A former high school math teacher (Harlem NYC)
5. A current (poor) PhD student in mathematics education
6. A husband to The Wife
7. A father of 2 beautiful crazy girls, both under the age of 3
8. A cult-of-the-new sufferer undergoing therapy for my condition
9. A fan of lists (so meta)
10. Slightly OCD

As a cult-of-the-new sufferer I really enjoy the process of learning about new games, reading the rules, sorting bits, etc. But it's a shallow obsession, one that has me reconsidering the affliction. I've recently completed a month long commitment to Troyes in which I played the game as much as I could get it on the table - it was always the game I suggested. I appreciate the game more now than I did at the beginning of October, but I can't say I like it more or less...

I enjoy the game Container quite a bit, but I can never seem to get it to the table. In the same vein I love Chicago Express, so much so it is the only print-and-play game I have created (so far). It got a few plays this year during a family reunion, and it went over really well with the fam. I'm excited by The Great Zimbabwe because that seems to be in the same family of games as Container and CE.

Speaking of CE, the only game I rate a 10 is Cosmic Encounter. It seems every time I play it I make a memory. Those kinds of games are very rare, but Titan is in the same category. While CE gets to the table pretty frequently, Titan suffers from the weight of its reputation. I've only managed to table it twice.

I am a charter card-carrying member of the SFFBC (Stefan Feld Fan Boy Club). I eagerly await Bora Bora and Rialto. Other Euros I enjoy are Fresco, the Key series, Ora & Labora, Vikings, and Carson City.

As for getting me a game not on my list: You're SANTA CLAUS! You can get me whatever you want. I will say I recently went through the top 1000 games to see what interested me. If it's not on my list I don't think I'd play it readily, but that doesn't mean you don't know better than me - You are Santa Claus, after all!

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!
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