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William McDuff
Prince Rupert
British Columbia
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"'A grey man,' she said. 'Neither white nor black, but partaking of both. Is that what you are, Ser Davos?' 'What if I am? It seems to me most men are grey.'" -- Lady Melisandre of Asshai and Ser Davos Seaworth from A Clash of Kings by G.R.R. Martin
A small part of a 17,000 pushpin video game art project I was involved with.
@SecretSanta2011: Thank you, Santa! I decribed receiving the gifts here. Thank you for Birds on a Wire, Masters Gallery and Cornucopia!

Inspired by this geeklist, I've decided to expand my profile and make it better.

I've been gaming ever since I can remember. It started off with video games; my parents owned a campground and we had a small arcade downstairs. I was maybe six when I got my first Game Boy. When relatives visited, I played Monopoly and the like, but I do remember owning Heroquest (classmates melted the figs on the heater when I took it to a school games day cry ) and playing Shogun with my cousins. My first role-playing game was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I went with my cousins to her much older, teenage friends, spent an hour and a half making a character, was killed almost immediately by the DM, then spent another age making a character, at which point they ended the game. I was hooked anyway.

I'm a bit of a board game omnivore; I'll play anything (though Risk isn't my favourite, possibly from overplay). I do like short and sweet games, and bow to the cult of the new. For RPGs, I'm usually the DM, and have been shifting from strategy-type games to more abstract ones like Mouse Guard (though D&D is still fun!). For video games, I do have strong preference: strategy, RPGs and sports are my favourites. My all-time favourite is the Wii editions of Power Pros, which combines the latter two genres. I just wish they'd make a new edition!

I'm haven't been using the Top 10/Hot 10 recently, but I'll try to keep my Top 10 as my favourites and Hot 10 as my recently acquired.

I'm a library technician working as a technical technician (I'm the geek!) in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Currently, I'm without a group, but I am doing a bit of Warmachine now and then. I spent 3 years in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, and to prove geekcred, I played in a D&D group for all three years!

My avatar is a pushpin Goomba from a bit of art I helped out with during my last term at the University of the Fraser Valley. I figure I put in at least 500 of the 17K+ pushpins. You can see the flickr set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ranadok/sets/72157608990502708/. I actually did a lot of the sky and white block, but the goomba makes a better avatar. My überbadge is a trimmed quote from George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones (first edition) that I like. The full text is in the overtext now, and besides, I do play gray!

What I look like:

I also have made one microbadge for the Gryphon Games Bookshelf series! As of this writing, there are nine owners. Seems like people are enjoying the series like I am!


Currently acquiring:

• More of the Gryphon Games Bookshelf series.
• 3M Bookcase Games! I've got three so far.
• Working on building the Game of Thones 'Feast of Crows' nine player fan expansion. Need to get on that.

Last five played:

BGG Code:
BGG Lb26 M4 T6 A+ P- X E++ W-- D BGS? DTJ GL++L C-! G-- Si R++lt K++ab$ B I+-> Z- V+ Q- F172
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Top 10
#1: For Sale
#2: Carcassonne
#3: Stone Age
#4: Nexus Ops
#5: Roll Through the Ages: The Late Bronze Age
#6: Vexation
#7: Vegas Showdown
#8: Fjords
#9: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
#10: Carcassonne: Cult, Siege and Creativity
Hot 10
#1: Ivanhoe
#2: Arena Maximus
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