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Wow! I'm Geek of the Week no. 420!

Thank you for your kind nomination, Steve (srlarkin)
We have a heart for board gamers. I'm always kind & nurturing to new gamers and my husband & I even gave or donated a good number of our games to people who need them more or those who will play the games more often than us as we are happy that the games can go to a loving new home!

Read more about me & my love/ addiction to Board Gaming @ my GotW thread: Gotw - Michelle Sim (xia0dingdang)

Geek of the Week
Ref - Listing no 420 of pg 17 of the geeklist.

Here is a picture of hubby & myself taken with our Taiwanese tour guide.

meepleOur Growing Board Games Collection as @ 24 Aug 2014meeple


Amateur Miniatures Painting Projects by an ordinary girl next door:

Zeus on the loose (Completed on 01 Jun 2014)

Flashpoint: Fire Rescue (Completed on 03 Mar 2014)

Cyclades: Hades (Completed on 28 Oct 2013)

Cyclades (Completed on 20 Oct 2013)

Fury of Dracula (Completed on 15 Oct 2013)

Shadows over Camelot (Completed some time back but only coated with protective seal on 1 Oct 2013)

Curious about Me?

I'm just an ordinary girl next door. Hubby (ID - awayf) and I met at a board games cafe. So that solidifies our love for board games. We love games with great themes & artwork plus good components. It's a plus for those which can be played with minimum two or more players cos it is usually just two of us gaming at night even though we do game with larger group of friends on a weekly or fortnightly basic.

I adore animals especially dogs a lot. I miss my 10 years old 13kg dog, Beibei who passed away due to old age in 2008. She was my best companion and little sister for those 10 years and I think of her every waking moments. I hope that hubby will allow me to keep a special doggy of our own, preferably one with minimal shedding. He likes Corgi but I would love to have a labradoodle as I want to have a big dog like labrador and poodle doesn't shed much.

Beside gaming, I enjoy cooking with hubby and my bro, Jerry Kow (ID: sweetslut). Jerry is like the younger brother whom I never had. We knew each other for many years when hubby and I used to patronize the board game cafe which he used to work at. Jerry and his wife with some friends form one of our regular gaming groups.

I also find it therapeutic to read story books and design scrapbook photo albums with hubby's elder sister. My favorite author is Christine Feehan. I love to own all of her Dark Caparthian series of books one day when we get our new house. By the way, in case you are wondering.....the Caparthian is the good guys of another species, they aren't vampires. It so happens that I don't fancy much vampires games.

One of my new hobby is painting the minis of our board games. I bought quite a bit of paint colors and good quality brushes to kick start my painting projects. I had painted quite a few games to shown below on my profile page. It is always very challenging to have a steady hand when painting. I find that my artistic talents and an eye for details help as I could draw pretty well back in primary and secondary school days.

Having seen my dearest cousin, Uncle and Mum died from cancer when I was only 16, my dream was to be a doctor who specialized in curing cancer....Oncology department but it went up in smoke when my secondary school only offered double Sciences: Physics & Chemistry, Double Mathematics: Elementary Maths & Additional Maths, Geography, Chinese as second language and English as first Biology. My family was not financially well off and my 66 years old dad used up their savings for mum's medical bills. I'm the eldest so I worked in Swensen and Kenny Rogers restaurants for a period of time. I switched to giving tuition to kids to help support my family and put myself through school as the hours for giving tuition are shorter and more rewarding financially and satisfactory when the kids do well in their studies.

I went on to complete Diploma in Accounting & Finance in Singapore. My results were above average but I didn't like Accounts, not even one tiny bit so I gritted my teeth and pressed on to complete my Diploma as I couldn't afford to pay for a new course. Upon graduation, I worked in the Accounting line and gave tuition to kids for 3 years+ to save up money for further studies. I'm glad that my hard work paid off and I was exempted from year one and some of year two modules in Uni. I graduated with excellent grades for my Degree in Marketing Management from Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. I completed the course in Singapore as I couldn't afford to go overseas to study due to my financial situation.

Having grown up in such challenging circumstances, I treasure family relationship and friendship a lot. I'm also generous with family and close friends. I'm willing to pay $100+ for a good pair of sandals for my Papa. Sometimes we host lunch or dinner at our place for close friends and gave away or donate games to others too.

Sad to say, my current job is not related to my major. I'm fortunate to get a job offer in one of the top US company regional office in Singapore. We are supporting the Asia Pacific region, most of my customers are from Australia & they are really pretty nice...alot better than locals. Nonetheless, work can be quite stressful due to the high expectations required of us. On the other hand, I thank my luck stars to have good bosses and colleagues.

We do not have kids at the moment as we used to stay with my in laws so not much privacy. Now that they have just moved to their new apartment this July 2014, we have the whole apartment to ourselves while waiting to get our new apartment (still under construction, will be ready by end of 2016 or earlier). Hopefully we can become new Mummy and Daddy in 2015. I hope to have a bigger family of three or more kids if we can afford. I hope that all our children will grow up healthy, well mannered with good & kind hearts for those less fortunate and good students. God bless!

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