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Golden Ace

As d'Or (Golden Ace) is an award from the Cannes Festival International des Jeux, first awarded in 1988. In its early years, one of the awards was for the best video game.

In 2005, the initiators of the Golden Ace (the Cannes International Games Festival) and Game of the Year (the French Association of Promotion and Evaluation of Board Games) decided to coordinate their efforts, in order to present only one quality control mark, conveniently named: As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année (Golden Ace - Game of the Year).

The Winners

Game of the Year
Other Winners
Colt Express
La chasse aux Gigamons (Children's Game of the Year)
Five Tribes (Grand Prix)
Loony Quest (Jury prize)
Abyss (Nominated)
Dead of Winter: à la croisée des chemins (Nominated)
Deus (Nominated)
Héro à louer (Nominated)
Le lièvre et la tortue (Nominated)
Minivilles (Nominated)
Parade (Nominated)
Perlin Pinpin (Nominated)
Splendor (Nominated)
Riff Raff (Children's Game of the Year)
Bruxelles 1893 (Grand Prix)
Les Bâtisseurs - Moyen Age (Jury prize)
Augustus (Nominated)
Crazy Time (Nominated)
Koryo (Nominated)
Krosmaster Arena (Nominated)
Les trois petits cochons (Nominated)
Lewis & Clark (Nominated)
Love Letter (Nominated)
Mascarade (Nominated)
Mice & Mystics (Nominated)
Panic Cafard (Nominated)
Tino Topini (Children's Game of the Year)
Myrmes (Grand Prix)
X-Wing - Miniatures Game (Jury prize)
Cardline Animaux (Nominated)
Croc ! (Nominated)
Indigo (Nominated)
Merlin Zinzin (Nominated)
Mito (Nominated)
Seasons (Nominated)
Strike (Nominated)
Zombicide (Nominated)
Rick le Géant (Children's Game of the Year)
Olympos (Grand Prix)
Sherlock Holmes Détective Conseil (Special prize)
Cubulus (Nominated)
Fame Us (Nominated)
King of Tokyo (Nominated)
Les Châteaux de Bourgogne (Nominated)
Les Demeures de l'Épouvante (Nominated)
Pirates ! (Nominated)
Pyramide d'Animaux - La grande aventure (Nominated)
Sandwich (Nominated)
Tournay (Nominated)
Skull & Roses
SOS Octopus (Children's Game of the Year)
7 Wonders (Jury prize)
Cyclades (Nominated)
Djam (Nominated)
Fresco (Nominated)
Qwirkle (Nominated)
Razzo Raketo (Nominated)
Troyes (Nominated)
Water Lily (Nominated)
Cache-Moutons (Children's Game of the Year)
Small World (Jury prize)
À dos de chameau (Nominated)
Battlestar Galactica (Nominated)
Endeavor (Nominated)
Le Havre (Nominated)
Linq (Nominated)
Piou Piou (Nominated)
Shadow Hunters (Nominated)
Tobago (Nominated)
Château Roquefort (Children's Game of the Year)
Agricola (Special Jury)
Beppo (Nominated)
Dominion (Nominated)
Jamaica (Nominated)
N/A (Nominated)
Mow (Nominated)
Pandémie (Nominated)
Tzaar (Nominated)
Chevaliers de la Tour (Children's Game of the Year)
Les Princes de Florence (Special Jury)
Exxit (Nominated)
Kiproko (Nominated)
Les Pêcheurs de Trésors (Nominated)
Les Piliers de la Terre (Nominated)
Mr. Jack (Nominated)
Petits Meurtres et Faits Divers (Nominated)
Yspahan (Nominated)
Du Balai !
La Nuit des Magiciens (Children's Game of the Year)
Ca$h'n Gun$ (Nominated)
Caylus (Nominated)
Fight (Nominated)
La Course des tortues (Nominated)
Objets trouvés (Nominated)
Siam (Nominated)
La Traversée du désert (Nominated)
Vitrail (Nominated)
Time's Up!
Splash attack (Children's Game of the Year)
Akaba (Nominated)
Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde (Nominated)
Diaballik (Nominated)
Dungeon Twister (Nominated)
Le Poker des Cafards (Nominated)
Manilla (Nominated)
Non merci (Nominated)
Puerto Rico (Nominated)
Les Aventuriers du Rail
Atlas & Zeus (Nominated)
Coyote (Nominated)
Diam (Nominated)
L'Escalier hanté (Nominated)
Habana Taxi (Nominated)
Maka Bana (Nominated)
O Zoo le Mio (Nominated)
Shazamm! (Nominated)
YINSH (Nominated)

La Città (Nominated)
Le Collier de la reine (Nominated)
Comme des mouches (Nominated)
Crazy Circus (Nominated)
Délirophone (Nominated)
Mare Nostrum (Nominated)
Plouf ! Plouf ! Grenouille (Nominated)
Méli Mélo (Nominated)
Unanimo (Nominated)
La vache amoureuse (Nominated)
Collection particulière (Card Game Golden Ace)
Tic Tac Troll (Family Game Golden Ace)
Pique Plume (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Composio (Letter Game Golden Ace)
Les Loups-garous de Thiercelieux (Party Game Golden Ace)
XIII, le complot (Simulation Game Golden Ace)
Hitstory (Social Golden Ace)
Shendao (Tactical Game Golden Ace)
Quits (Abstract Game Golden Ace)
Conquistador (Card Game Golden Ace)
Les Dragons du Mékong (Family Game Golden Ace)
Croque-carottes (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Jericho (Strategy Game Golden Ace) [not Jericho]
Cartagena (Tactical Game Golden Ace)
Dérive (Family Game Golden Ace)
Jeu de Lices (Game of Contemplation Golden Ace)
Trap Surprise (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Vinci (Strategy Game Golden Ace)
La Route des Épices
Croque-carottes (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Fits (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Bunker Poker (Party Game Golden Ace)
Yin Yang (Tactical Game Golden Ace) [not Yin Yang, Yin Yang, Cat & Mouse, YY classic (YinYang)]
Tic Tac Boum (Family Game Golden Ace)
Abalone (Golden Ace of the decade 1988-1998)
Le Défi du Sphinx (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Planet Genius (Party Game Golden Ace)
Crescendo (Strategy Game Golden Ace)
Gang of Four
Bataclan (Children's Game Golden Ace)
Netrunner (CCG Golden Ace)
Batik (Game for the Very Young Golden Ace)
Speed (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Rummikub Lettres (Letter Game Golden Ace)
Elixir (Party Game Golden Ace)
Méditerranée (Simulation Game Golden Ace)
Zen L’initié (Strategy Game Golden Ace)
Énigmo (Vocabulary Game Golden Ace)
Magic : l'Assemblée
Astérix présente Obélix contre Hattack (Children's Game Golden Ace)
Power le Jeu (Junior Game Golden Ace)
Topword (Letter and Trivia Game Golden Ace)
Kaleidos (Party Game Golden Ace)
Triolet (Social Game Golden Ace)
Avalam Bitaka (Strategy Game Golden Ace)
K'DOR (Tactical Game Golden Ace)
Spirou et les Champignons Géants (Children's Game (8-12 years old) Golden Ace)
Perudo (Dice Game Golden Ace)
Tri-ba-lance (Innovation Golden Ace)
Charade Puzzle (Junior Game (13-17 years old) Golden Ace)
Category Game (Letter and Trivia Game Golden Ace)
Soirée de meurtre (Party Game Golden Ace)
Bermude (Social Game Golden Ace)
Quixo (Strategy Game Golden Ace)
Arcanor (Strategy Game Golden Ace)
Le Jeu Des Chaises Musicales (Game for the Very Young (4-7 years old))
Petits Pieds… Partez ! (Game for the Very Young (4-7 years old))
Leader Foot (Junior Game (13-17 years old))
À vos marques (Party Game)
Barbe Noire (Simulation Game)
Terrain Vague (Social Game)
Breakout (Strategy Game)
S.O.S. Plombier
Montgolfière (Children's Game (8-12 years old))
Iceberg (Game for the Very Young (4-7 years old))
Le Lauréat (Letter Game)
La Course aux Initiales(Party Game)
Dune (Simulation Game)
Ces Années-Là (Social Game)
Gymkhana (Strategy Game)
Showtime (Junior Game (13-17 years old))
Atmosfear (Interactive Game)
Droids (Junior Game (13-17 years old))
Dreams (Social Game)
Connexion (Strategy Game)

Ex-Pion (Golden Ace Hopeful)
Territoire (Golden Ace Hopeful)
Kami (Junior Game)
Takemo (Letter Game)
Fragrances (Social Game)
Fully (Strategy Game)
Riviera Quest (Adventure Game)
Scribe Glass (Letter Game)
Généric (Party Game)
Scénario (Simulation Game)
Cryptease (Special Mention)
Magibridge (Special Mention for Method of Teaching a Game)
Gym-Jungle (Strategy Game)
Galaxia (New Game (public)) [not Galaxia]
Métamorphose (New Game)
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