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The GENERAL Vol.27,No.5

  • JAN-FEB 1991 (archive.org link)
    • Battle of the Bulge – “The Beauty of the Bulge - A Player's Look at Bulge '91” (Discussion) Brien Martin
    • Battle of the Bulge – “Crossing the Line - Considerations for the German Player of Bulge '91” (Discussion) Brien Martin
    • Battle of the Bulge – “Holding the Line - Suggestions for the Allied Player of Bulge '91” (Discussion) Brien Martin
    • Battle of the Bulge – “Wacht Am Rhein Reversed - The Reduction of the Ardennes Salient” (Scenario) Arnold Blumberg
    • Battle of the Bulge – “One Last Bulge - Third Edition Bulge '81” (Discussion) B. Sinigaglio
    • Advanced Squad Leader – “Semper Avanti - Reference Notes for ASL” (Variant) Andrew H. Hershey
    • Diplomacy – “Leviathan - A GM's View of Game 1988HW, Concluded” (Series Replay) Gary Behnen, with Rex A. Martin
    • Tac Air – “Tac Ops - Systems of the Combined Arms Battle” (Discussion) Carl Schwamberger
    • March Madness – “Sports Special - March Madness for 1991” (Discussion) Jim Burnett
    • Advanced Squad Leader – “In the Gameroom, All Alone - The Case for PBEM” (Discussion) Russ Gifford
    • D-Day (second edition) – “One Day at a Time - Strategic and Tactical Hints for D-Day” (Discussion) Robert Allred
    • The Question Box - The Republic of Rome
    • Series Replay - The Republic of Rome, Part 2 - Players: Geoff Engelstein, Bob O'Connor, Kirk Schlesinger/Brad Andrews, Ray Stakenas, Jim Vroom, Commentator: Don Greenwood

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